what moms really want for mother’s day


Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Will you be doing anything special for Mother’s Day? How many times have you been asked this question by friends, family and your own spouse and kids? “What do you want for Mother’s Day?”

What DO we want for Mother’s Day, really? It’s fair to say most women simply would love to have their role as a mother be recognized, appreciated and honoured not just on one single day, but every day.

While everyone else will inevitably be celebrating mom on Mother’s Day, we can’t help but want some kind of celebration for ourselves too. So, we’ll likely fall into having expectations of a picture-perfect Mother’s Day just for the sake of the holiday.

According to a survey by savings site RetailMeNot.ca,  Canadians spent an average of $76 on gifts and an average of $184 on the overall experience in recent years. According to the survey, the top items on mothers’ wish lists included:

  • A dinner out with the family
  • Dinner at home with the family
  • Some other type of experience
  • Spa Day alone

Recent research shows that people derive greater happiness when they purchase experiences rather than things. While it’s nice to receive material things like jewelry, technology such as a new mobile phone, or a handbag, after a while the thrill wears off.  But participating in a fun experience that’s sure to create lasting memories, is far more enjoyable.

Here are 5 things moms really want for Mother’s Day.

5 Things Moms Really Want for Mother's Day | amotherworld.com

5 Things Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day


More than anything else, Mom would love to sleep in! Especially moms with younger kids… the lack of sleep has likely caught up to mom, and she could use some quiet time in the morning to catch some extra zzzz’s.

No cooking

Don’t let mom cook on Mother’s Day, no. Dads can get the kids involved and cook a lovely breakfast, or barbecue an awesome meal for lunch or dinner. Mom doesn’t want to be near the kitchen, and that includes breakfast, lunch AND dinner. If you must, take her somewhere for lunch where it isn’t too crowded.

No fighting

Kids, please get along on Mother’s Day, if not any other day of the year! Don’t argue, bicker, or get into any fist fights today of all days, mk? Thanks!

Help out around the house

Now kids should already be doing chores, but especially on Mother’s Day. Mom expects everyone in the house to make their own beds, put away their own dishes, and fold their own laundry. That means picking up dirty underwear off the bathroom floor and actually placing them in the laundry hamper, not stuffed under the bed!


Mom will always enjoy a few hours of pampering, so if you’d like, you can purchase a gift certificate to the spa, or to get her nails or hair done. Or offer her a back massage at home or a foot rub. Pamper her like the queen she is! Give her some time to watch a movie, or read a good book with a cup of tea or glass of wine. Or if she wants, plan a nice family day together.

Listen to mom! Do what she would like on Mother’s Day. No she would not like to watch the golf tournament on television (unless she’s a huge fan), or spend the afternoon wrangling her kids and the rest of the neighbourhood kids.

Happy Mother’s Day!



by Dee Brun

If someone asked you what you really wanted for Mother’s Day, what would you say?

Of course as mothers we would all say, “Oh nothing, just the love from my family is enough”.

Of course this is all true and the home made card, Quickie Mart flowers, burnt breakfast in bed and macaroni necklace are all a wonderful bonus. But if no one was listening and judging, what would you really ask for?

First let’s take a look at the word “want” for a minute. I did some research trying to find out the exact medical terminology for the metamorphosis that takes place as soon as we become mothers.

I know there are many, but this particular one is where the word “need” is totally erased from our vocabulary and replaced with “want”. Of course my search came up empty. How do we, perfectly intelligent, rational women, forgo our basic human needs and now see them as wants?Also, as we all know, referring to something as a “want” when you’re a mother carries along with it another dreaded four letter word… GUILT!

If you actually look these two words up in the dictionary you would be surprised how very similar their definitions really are… Go ahead, have a look, I’ll wait….

So this Mother’s Day, I wish to profess to my husband and four children how much I truly love and appreciate all of them. And thank you in advance for the clay paperweight, decoupage card and carnations.

But if no one was listening and judging, this is what I really want for Mother’s Day:

1.  EAT.   I want to eat a meal, that I so lovingly prepared for my family, once a week without having to feed someone else. Just one fork, one plate and one hot meal from start to finish.

2.  SLEEP.   One night a week I would like to enjoy a full nights sleep. Trust me, this will be more of a gift to my family. Sleep = Happy…Happy mom, Happy wife, Happy life…

3.  MY NAME.  Don’t get me wrong, hearing the word mamma, mom or any version of this word is the sweetest sound on earth and I would trade everything I have to hear it forever. But for one day a month I would like to hang out with people who call me Dee.

4.   TIME.  Just a little bit of it alone, to do something silly. Like clean my purse that has now become another diaper bag.

5.  TIME REWIND.   I would like my 22 year old breasts back…  OK so I can’t have everything, but a girl can dream can’t she???

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Goddesses. And always remember the best Mother’s Day gift is the blessing of actually being a mother… and an evening with George Clooney a close second. 


Love your Mamma Martini…with a little slice of peace and quiet…

2 oz Watermelon Vodka (Smirnoff available LCBO)

2 oz lemon juice

1/2 oz simple syrup (equal parts sugar/warm water)

3 slices cucumber

2 mint leaves

Shake vodka, juice, syrup and mint leaves with ice. Serve in a martini glass with ice.

Garnish with cucumber floating on the top of cocktail. This cocktail is best made up ahead of time so mint and cucumber flavours can infuse infuse into the cocktail.

Make a pitcher the day before and invite the other Mom’s over to enjoy some if that TIME you asked for!

Dee Brun aka CocktailDeeva is the author Libations of Life, A Girls Guide to Life One Cocktail at a Time, resident Cocktail’ista on CBC’s The Steven and Chris Show; home entertaining columnist at Toronto Star Yourhome.ca; Home Entertaining Guru, writer, humorist, wife, mother of 4, TV Junkie, shoe-aholic and borderline George Clooney stalker.