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What is Your Word For 2020?

Another year – and decade! – well lived and now a distant memory.  As we begin 2020, a new year and decade upon us, a renewed sense of hope and wonder takes over.  What will 2020 bring? But also, what will the next 10 years of our lives look like?

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I like to take some time during the first half of January to reflect on the past year. What did I accomplish in all aspects of my life including home life, career, relationships, health and wellness? What goals are left-over from 2019 that can carry on through 2020?

While I don’t like to make New Year’s Resolutions, I do like to set an intention for the upcoming year. While the intention doesn’t necessarily signal a written list of goals, creating a WORD for 2020 can help start the new year off on the right note. That word is a theme word to easily remind you of your intention throughout the year. Sure, a list of goals on a whiteboard or a creative vision board can also be helpful. But a single word can help keep you focused on your goals or overall state of being – your MANTRA.

What’s your word?

Choosing one word to sum up a theme for the upcoming year seems daunting! Is it possible to choose one word that encompasses all of the things you hope to be, do, and accomplish?

In 2014, my word was flourish – a time to see my business grow and expand. In 2015, I couldn’t choose one word so I opted for three theme words for the year. In 2016, my word was nurture; I felt that I had the foundation for my career, and new relationships formed, that it was time to nurture them. In 2017, my word was manifest; working to make my dreams materialize. In 2018, I chose three theme words as I couldn’t narrow down to one. in 2019, my word was pivot.

What is your word for 2020?

Do you have a theme word for 2020? Narrowing your goals for the year to just one word can be a challenge. But what would your word be?

My word is a simple one this year.


  • Not closed or fastened
  • Not concealed
  • Not yet settled or decided
  • Honest and frank
  • Receptive to ideas or opinions
  • Giving or sharing in abundance and without hesitation
  • Approachable in demeanor
  • Able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances
  • Left to personal choice

I’ve done the work on my inner self over the course of the past two years. I’ve opened myself up to self-reflection, dissemination, analyzation, scrutiny, and criticism. Once you’ve taken a good, honest look at your deepest self, you’re able to recognize the negative, often subconscious thoughts that wear you down. Things you’ve held onto for so long that prevent you from being your best self. The negative things we tell ourselves that hold us back.

Some of us float through life making the same mistakes over and over again, and wonder “why does this keep happening?” Why don’t we listen to ourselves and learn from those mistakes, and make the necessary changes so they don’t happen again? Because we haven’t done the work. We haven’t taken a hard look at ourselves to understand where those negative patterns and thoughts and emotions are coming from because they’re too painful to face. But once we face them, analyze them, and accept them, then we can move forward. Until then, we’ll forever be stuck in that same negative pattern of self-destruction and self-loathing.

Once you have done the deep inner work, you can stop the negative patterns of self-ruin and re-wire your brain to be more positive, more self-loving and nurturing. I’ve accepted some things in my life and about myself, I’ve healed some wounds, I’ve embraced some characteristics, and I’m happy with the person I am today. With that inner work and acceptance comes self-love and a sense of openness.

I am open to my breath.

I am open to spiritual guidance.

I am open to my instincts.

I live with an open heart.

I am open to opportunities.

I am open to love and friendship.

I am open to change.

I am open to the universe.


What is your word for 2020?

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What is Your Word for 2016?

With a new year comes a new opportunity to start over and set some new goals. January is a month of reflection of the past year; a time to regroup, refocus and begin planning and scheduling for the rest of the year.

I find having a list of goals in place makes it easier to crank the gears into motion, starting off the new year on a positive and productive note. I find it more challenging, however, to push through with fresh ideas and a renewed sense of hope in a month that happens to be bitterly cold and miserable.

Two years ago, my word was flourish because I felt I had built a solid foundation in my career and it was time to see it grow. In 2015, I couldn’t choose one word so I opted for three theme words for the year.

Do you have a theme word for this year? Narrowing your theme for the year to just one word can be a challenge. How can you sum up everything that you want to achieve this year in just one word? If you haven’t chosen a word in previous years, why not try doing it this year?

What is your word for 2016?


What is your word for 2016

My word for 2016 is:



~ care for and encourage the growth or development of.

~ the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.




I want to nurture what I’ve already created in my professional life. I want to nurture my relationships both personally and professionally. I want to nurture the people in my life who I love and care for most. Lastly, I want to nurture my own physical, mental and emotional health.

It takes a little bit of mindfulness and a little bit of attention to others to be a good listener, which helps cultivate emotional nurturing and engagement. ~ Deepak Chopra

Nurturing a feeling makes it proliferate. Choose wisely. Joy, kindness, love, & caring will illuminate your life.
― Amy Leigh Mercree


Competing at the highest level is not about winning. It’s about preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing your people, and heart. Winning is the result. ~ Joe Torre


What is your word for 2016?



What is Your Word for 2015?

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. But I do attempt to create new goals for myself for the new year.

With a new year comes a new beginning, a chance to start over and start something new. The brutal winter weather and lack of sun doesn’t help elevate the mood though – wouldn’t it be much more productive to have the new year start in May or June?

But January it is and through the bitter cold and snow, we push through with fresh ideas in our minds and a renewed sense of hope.

Last year I jumped on the blogging bandwagon of creating a “word” for the new year and sharing it with others. Rather than make a new year’s resolution, you create a power word or theme word for the new year – a simple way to remember what your main goal for the year will be.

Narrowing it all down to just one word can can be a challenge. How can you sum up everything that you want to achieve this year in just one word?

At end of the year, it’s helpful to review the year and how that word affected your actions. Did your life change because of that one word? Did you learn something new? What challenges or blessings did the word bring?

In 2014, my word was flourish which I was drawn to because I felt I had built a solid foundation in my work and it was time to see it grow vigorously.

The best part of writing out your goals for the year is that you can see what you’ve accomplished. When you are able to write out what you hope to achieve, your goals become clearer and you’re able to put your ideas into concrete action.

So what is my word for 2015? I have three simple but powerful words that I’m drawn to for 2015:


It’s time to tune out the noise which has caused me to procrastinate, be less productive and waste precious time. This means cutting down the time spent on social media which is a big time sucker.

Do I really need to know what that girl who I barely remember in high school ate for breakfast? No. I don’t need to spend 10 hours on Twitter every day so that I’m up-t0-date on every news story or celebrity Instagram photo uproar.


Live in the moment. Find the simplicity in everyday tasks and enjoy them fully. Take deep breaths along the way. Focus on the present moments rather than worry about the future.

It takes practice – I know this because I was there some time ago where I felt like I was in a meditative state all the time. Then the stresses of life built up and overcame me, wreaking havoc and disrupting my calm demeanour. It’s time to get back to that cool, calm and collected person that I used to be…before kids, right?!?!


Stress is at an all-time high and it’s terrible for your physical and mental health. I need to carve out time to relax, exercise and meditate. Following those first two words will enable me to have increased opportunities for leisure.

Spend more time playing, experiencing, cooking for fun, traveling… the things that we work to hard to enjoy.

What is your theme word for 2015?