teaching children about money


“Mom, can we buy a Ferrari?” Oh child, how you need to learn about money!

Being raised by Greek immigrant parents, I learned early about the value of a dollar as my parents worked hard to earn, and more importantly save their money. Any suitable opportunity I have to teach my children about money, and the value of money, I do.

With more young adults finishing post-secondary education with huge student loans, or saving up to buy a new car or house, it’s important to teach kids young about treating money responsibly.

M is for Money™ is a new all-Canadian children’s book series written by Teresa Cascioli, a successful businesswoman who took a bankrupt company and turned it into $201 million business. I’d say Ms. Cascioli knows a thing or two about money!

The books follow the financial adventures of its main characters, Tessa and Benji, as they learn about money, making and saving money, visiting a bank, taking out a loan and more. M is for Money™ is aimed to children 5-9 years of age, the perfect time to start talking about dollars and coins, and their value.

The Little Piggybank – What is Money? introduces coins and bills in a way children will understand. The Little Lemonade Stand – Working for our Coins teaches kids how to earn money by creating a lemonade stand. And the third book, The Little Trip to the Bank – The Big, Big Piggybank, introduces the concept of saving your money at home with a piggy bank, and then opening a bank account.

In an era where kids are growing up with mobile pay apps and online shopping, M is for Money sets kids up on the right path to financial literacy and provides them with an early understanding about money to help them cope and succeed in the future.

The first three books in the series are available now in eBook, soft and hardcover format at MisforMoney.ca, Indigo/Chapters, Mastermind Toys and other fine retailers across Canada. The next six books will follow later this year and the beginning of 2016.


M is for Money