Who doesn’t love babies and their cute little legs and toes? Moms and dads may be tempted to share photos of their baby during bath time, in between diaper changes, while potty- training, or on the beach. Parents may think it’s cute to share revealing photos of their kids online on social media. But should they?

Sharing revealing photos of their kids online means those photos are out there – once parents post them on social media, they are floating in cyberspace forever.

Pink is a proud mama who enjoys sharing family photos on her Instagram account. She often shares captures of her two children Willow, 7, and Jameson, 2, as she juggles being a famous singer as well as a mom. It is her Instagram account, and she should be able to share whatever she feels is best, no?

The other day, Pink uploaded a photo of her and her two children while on vacation, hanging out with a pelican they’d found. She posted the photo on Instagram before realizing that her toddler son had taken off his swim diaper. But the nasty comments filled her feed, forcing her to delete the image and replace it with one that scribbled in where his diaper would normally be, covering his private parts.

Along with the updated version, she wrote in the caption:

“There’s something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there. Going off about my baby’s penis? About circumcision??? Are you for real? As any normal mother at the beach, I didn’t even notice he took off his swim diaper.

I deleted it because you’re all fucking disgusting. And now I’m turning off my comments and shaking my head at the state of social media and keyboard warriors,

And the negativity that you bring to other people’s lives. There is something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there. Smfh. Here’s a picture of the pelican we obviously caught and abused for hours before dangling baby penis in its face.”


So what do you think? Did Pink not notice and posted accidentally? Or did she post knowing his penis was showing but didn’t expect such a reaction from the public?

Whether or not she knew, it brings up the question – Should parents share revealing photos of their kids online?

Once you share revealing photos of your kids online, you can’t take them back. Many people feel it’s inappropriate to share revealing photos of your children because of the fact there are trolls and predators online who could possibly target the child. It may also be deemed inappropriate that those photos may resurface and embarrass the child later in life.

On the other hand, there is something seriously wrong when people are sexualizing a child. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in today, and some might argue it’s best to be cautious of what images are being shared online.

Here are some of the comments on Instagram:

@dannygirl57: “Wow. I guess I didn’t examine the pelican photo because I didn’t even notice that Jameson didn’t have any bottoms on… I noticed a cute photo of a mama and her babies enjoying a moment in life… those who saw anything more than that need their heads checked!!!! Keep doing u!!”

@pitbullmomma0724: “I am not for circumcision. It is my job to try and educate people before they do it. I am also not so obsessed that I am going to zoom in on a baby penis of a cute family photo to see if someone circumcised their son. WTF is wrong with you people. Really? What can she do about it now anyway? It’s done! Just enjoy the cute family photos and move on with your lives. Slamming someone isn’t going to make his foreskin grow back. It doesn’t make her a horrible mother….. move on….. Jesus!”

@moiracurlis: “I mean, it’s pretty tone deaf to post a pic with your naked daughter and lower half of your son on social media with the amount of pedos and sexual predators out there. Cute pic. Take it for yourself. Don’t post it for the gawking masses and then get offended when people have feelings about it.”

@ashley.ortiz3: “I think there’s something seriously wrong with HER for posting a picture of her naked son in social media. I don’t understand how some people don’t care who sees their children’s private parts. THERE ARE SCUM BAG PEDOPHILES OUT THERE THAT LOVE TO SEE THESE THINGS. And you’re ok with giving them that? Your child’s naked body to look at? To pleasure themselves with? Come on people. Get out from under your rock and open your eyes to the world and sick people around you. Your job as a parent is to keep your child safe from anything and anyone out there to harm them. Even if it isn’t physically harming.”


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Should Parents Share Revealing Photos of Their Kids Online?


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.

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