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5 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Baby

How many you are taking photos of your baby with every move they make? We all know our little ones fill our lives with magical moments, but those moments are not always captured because taking photos of your baby is an art!

Even though they are simply adorable, babies don’t always make the best photo subjects! Whether they are crawling away, turning their heads, or bursting into tears at just the wrong moment – somehow, those photograph-worthy moments slip away.

There are tips for taking photos of your baby – the right way! Disney Baby has 5 tips for taking photos of your baby, so you can capture those magical moments and enjoy them forever.

5 tips for taking photos of your baby

taking photos of your baby

1. Forget the frightening flash

Turn off the flash and open the shades. Not only can flash be startling to your baby, it creates a much harsher light and those dreaded red eyes in photos. For a better picture, open your windows and shades or move your baby outdoors to take some photos. Natural light will make it easier to capture your baby’s natural beauty, by ensuring you don’t lose the depth in your baby’s features. The photos also come out clearer and more beautiful.

2. Work those angles

Get down to your baby’s level. This allows you to look right into their eyes and gives them the power to look right back – they will appear much more engaged in the picture and they might even give you that elusive smile.

3. Don’t worry about perfect posing

Baby can’t smile every time! Don’t get too hung up on creating the perfect backdrop or coaxing baby into a classic pose. Taking pictures of your baby is about capturing who they are and they may not always be smiley, happy or perfectly poised. However, life and art is about capturing reality and when you look back later, you might appreciate having a few tantrum shots. I know I miss not having taken more random photos of the kids doing things like eating, crawling and yes, even crying!

4. Know when to stop

Babies get tired and fussy and it’s important not to drag the photography session on too long. If you know when to stop, taking pictures of your baby will be a lot more fun – for both of you. I find that having the camera ready for any moment that can arise may cause reason for an impromptu photo session!

5. Print & Store

Digital photos are great for sharing with family and friends, but it’s also lots of fun to print your photos and make the magical moments last. Disney Baby offers a great selection of Photo Albums and Picture Frames to help you store and display your pictures, so you can hang on to your memories for many years to come.


Who is the photographer in your house? How do you capture your baby’s magical moments?


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