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5 Ways to Get a Better Sleep (Giveaway)

Some time ago, my family and I went shopping for a new mattress at Sleep Country Canada. We decided to go with the the iComfort® Sleep System by Serta® with Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam.

But wait! We weren’t done yet! Our lovely salesperson, Steven, had us try several pillows too – because sleep isn’t just about the mattress, apparently! Good neck support is also important to a good night’s sleep.

There are a variety of pillows to choose from, from Back Sleeper, Stomach Sleeper, Side Sleeper, to a Variable Sleeper. Sleep Country Canada also has the best selection of mattress pads, sheets, pillow protectors, duvets, bed frames and headboards.

5 ways to get a better sleep

Our new bed has been very comfortable. The first week or two did take some adjusting – I wasn’t used to the feel of the memory foam mattress and my body temperature had to adjust. It also took me a little time to figure out which pillow was best for me.

Are we getting better sleep? Most definitely, thanks to our new mattress, pillows and sheets from Sleep Country Canada! I don’t wake up sore and stiff any more and am sleeping through the night without waking up. It’s often difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

The mattress and pillows helped me to have a better sleep – here are 5 ways to get a better sleep:

5 ways to a better sleep

 5 Ways to Get a Better Sleep

1. Create a bedtime routine

No this is not for your baby or toddler, although you can get some good ideas from their routines! You want a relaxing non-stimulating evening ritual like taking a warm bath, drinking a cup of camomile tea, reading a book or listening to soft music. Relaxing activities can promote better sleep by easing the transition between wakefulness and drowsiness.

But be careful with watching TV or using electronic devices – they can interfere with sleep. If you go to bed and wake up the same time every day, even on weekends and holidays, you’ll be getting your body on a sleep-wake schedule… much like your child!

2. Watch your food/drink

Limit how much you drink before bed so you’re not waking to use the bathroom during the night. Watch your caffeine intake too – that 3pm coffee could still be keeping you up at night.  I hate to tell you but those last night snacks might be interfering with your sleep. Stop eating at least three hours before your scheduled bedtime. If you must snack on something, keep it small and healthy like a glass of milk or an apple.

3.  Create a bedroom retreat

Create a bedroom that’s relaxing and comfortable, a retreat after a long hard day. A cook, dark and quiet room can help sleep as well. Have some soft lighting, comfortable bedding and relaxing music rather than a loud, blaring TV or radio. Also don’t have a clock staring at you when you’re trying to sleep.

A good mattress can also help you have a more restful and peaceful sleep. Comfortable pillows for your sleep position and bedding can also help keep you from tossing and turning all night.

5 Ways to Get a Better Sleep

4.  Exercise

Regular exercise can promote better sleep, helping you to fall asleep faster and to enjoy deeper sleep. But don’t work out too close to bedtime, you might be too energized to fall into dreamland!

5. Manage your Stress

We all have stressful lives which can take a toll on our sleep. Schedule some time to de-stress – and really stick to a bedtime routine to get you relaxed for the night. Yoga and meditation can also help decrease stress and improve sleep. A study showed that daily 30- to 45-minute yoga sessions significantly improved symptoms for those suffering from chronic insomnia.


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5 ways to get a better sleep


Disclosure: I received a new mattress and accessories from Sleep Country Canada in exchange for sharing my experience.


Shopping for a New Bed at Sleep Country Canada

It has been some time since my husband and I have been waking up feeling stiff and achy. After having our mattress for 12 years, we knew it was time to start our search for a new one.  What mattress should we buy? Where to buy a good mattress?

So naturally we visited Sleep Country Canada as they are experts in mattresses, beds, pillows and most importantly, sleep! We visited a location just down the street from us recently.

We walked in and were greeted by the ever-so-friendly Steven Niblock.

sleep country canada



Just glancing around the showroom, we were already overwhelmed by all of the choices! What type of mattress would suit us? There are so many to choose from; Innerspring, Pocket Coil, Memory Foam, Adjustable, Traditional Top, PillowTop, EuroTop, BoxTop… how do you decide?!

Steven asked us several questions to determine what kind of sleepers we are and our concerns. He asked about our sleep habits and comfort currently and my husband explained about how he wake up with back pain daily. I often wake up with stiff neck and shoulder pain. It would take us a bit of time and some stretching to stop feeling sore. This wasn’t the way to have a good night’s rest. We didn’t realize how important having a good mattress would be to our sleep!

sleep country canada

Steven also asked what kind of sleepers we are; my husband is a definite side sleeper but I tend to sleep on my back and sometimes on my side.

Steven spent several hours with us, taking us around the showroom and having us try different mattresses, explaining the technology behind every mattress and the feel and comfort. You really do receive that superb one-on-one personal service at Sleep Country Canada without feeling pressured or rushed.

First we tried out a Simmons Beautyrest Recharge® Elite Wilcott mattress which has a pillow top and pocket coil technology. As you can see, we were quite happy. The sun was beaming in through the windows too… I just wanted to take a nap right there!

where to buy a good mattress

where to buy a good mattress

It was definitely comfortable and firm, just as we prefer our mattress to feel. There were varying levels of firmness and we really leaned towards the more firm beds. Steven explained the pocket coil technology a little more for us.

where to buy a good mattress

What to look for when shopping for a new mattress

We then tried another Simmons Beautyrest mattress, the Recharge® World Class Elite Rosemont which has AirCool® Memory Foam and TruTemp™ Gel for added temperature regulation. This mattress has a combination of pocket coil and memory foam with a pillow top.

sleep country canada

where to buy a good mattress

trying out mattresses

Steven was so knowledgeable about the various mattresses and pillows too, which I didn’t even consider was so important!  He had us try out various pillows from softer to more firm, some with gel technology, some that were curved. I honestly didn’t think twice about the type of pillow that would help give me the best amount of support and comfort, especially considering my neck and upper back pain.

This is why they are called in-store Sleep Experts! I didn’t know that all of Sleep Country Canada’s Sleep Experts go through classroom training and receive continuous ongoing education, which explains their thorough knowledge of every mattress in the showroom and their level of expertise!

Steven then showed us the Kingsdown Silent Partner Valentina bed which has memory foam and pocket coils. The mattress has premium latex and blutek gel memory foam which gives you cool comfort relief throughout the night.

We also really liked the Kingsdown Silent Partner Chanel which includes Gel Memory Foam that helps reduce heat buildup offering more breathability and a cooler comfort EuroTop. This bed has  foam layers, a pocket coil centre and a BluTek memory foam cover which provides a layer of breathable support that helps alleviate pressure points and contours the body.

I think the boys really liked this one! They took off their shoes and enjoyed going from bed to bed.

where to buy a good mattress

But wait! Can you believe there is much more to share? Stay tuned for part 2 of our visit!


Disclosure: I’m happy to be working with Sleep Country Canada on this project. Opinions are my own.

An Evening With Oprah!

The priviledge of a lifetime is being who you are.

~ Joseph Campbell


That was my reaction when I received the invitation from Christine Magee of Sleep Country Canada to be one of her VIP guests to see Oprah live in Hamilton.

Sleep Country Canada presented Oprah in Hamilton at the Copps Coliseum on Saturday, April 13, 2013. I, along with fellow bloggers and friends Maria @BoredMommy, Lena @listen2lena, Diana @teachermomoftwo and Shannon @shasherslife, were Christine’s guests.

oprah live in hamilton

What a night to remember!

We had the opportunity to be backstage to meet and greet Oprah and have a photo take with the legend herself:

Me and Oprah

I had my 15 seconds – literally – with Oprah and while it happened so quickly, I managed to tell her what an honour it was to meet her and that I love her. Cheesy right?

I’ve met my share of celebs but Oprah is one with whom I was star struck. This woman I’m touching and smiling with has been a part of my family room for years… I’ve learned from her and her guests and have been inspired by her over the years. Not to mention this woman standing next to me is stinkin’ rich!

Because I’ve been following her and many of her guests for years, much of what she presented at her event I’ve learned and practice (for the most part!), and reiterate what I know to be true to live happily. But hearing it from her standing feet away from me, and even speaking directly TO ME (yes she sure did!), was something I will never forget. It was absolutely amazing to hear her speak about her life – she is so engaging and funny!

Listen to your intuition

I’ve always been a firm believer in trusting your instincts. We all have the ability – it’s just a matter of being silent enough to hear those whispers and to feel your gut.

Oprah talked about it and how we are first touched by a whisper – if we don’t listen to that soft voice, the whisper will grow into a pebble.

an evening with oprah

Know your purpose

Who are you? What is your purpose? We all have roles – we’re mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers, but who are you?

“I am a whisper on the breath of God,” says Oprah.  “Nothing is happening out of order – you are co-creating your life.”

Everybody needs to find a purpose. What’s your purpose?

Nothing is happening out of order.

You are co-creating your life with the Divine. For every cause there is an effect –  for every action, thought, feeling is motivated by an intention.


Be grateful – pretty simple. I like to thank God every day for all of my blessings. Give thanks to the universe.


Love After Love by Derek Walcott

The time will come

when, with elation

you will greet yourself arriving

at your own door, in your own mirror

and each will smile at the other’s welcome,


and say, sit here. Eat.

You will love again the stranger who was your self.

Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart

to itself, to the stranger who has loved you


all your life, whom you ignored

for another, who knows you by heart.

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,


the photographs, the desperate notes,

peel your own image from the mirror.

Sit. Feast on your life.



George Stroumboulopoulos and Oprah chatted with Christine Magee of Sleep Country Canada also:


I will so ever be grateful to Christine Magee of Sleep Country Canada for the amazing opportunity!

oprah live

Oprah Live Hamilton

an evening with oprah