When Mom Gets Sick The House Falls Apart

The viruses have taken over our home for the past six weeks. I’m done with winter! When mom gets sick, the house falls apart. I mean, Mom can’t get sick!

When mom gets sick, she doesn’t stay in bed from morning to night? No!

Business as usual.

Life is still business as usual. It doesn’t matter if we are coughing up a lung, we still take care of business. Even if we’re taking antibiotics, or puking our guts out… we’re still getting up from bed, making lunches and getting the kids off to school.

We stock up on a combination of throat lozenges, Advil and oil of oregano, and head to work.

Sure dads help, sure. Even for moms who have amazing, equal partners, there are just some things that only we can do. Dad is off to work and mom is home with the kids. Even when trying to get rest, kids rush to mom to read a book, cuddle, or check homework.

Moms never get a day off.

Instead, we trudge along, like the warriors and goddesses we are. Unless we are bed-ridden by doctors orders, we continue to keep the house running otherwise the whole house will fall apart.

I’ve been known to slap together a quick dinner, hunched over the stove wearing a blanket like a cape – more like a SuperMom cape. See, because the pain that moms bear – similar to the pains we felt during childbirth – are what gives us our tiger stripes.

Moms aren’t supposed to get sick! Somewhere in the Mom Hand Guide, moms are not supposed to get sick – they are now allowed!

The kids mean well.

For a few minutes, the kids will hover and want to snuggle with you because they know mommy is sick. Suddenly, the doorbell rings – the neighbourhood kids want to play. And they’re off! See ya, mom!

But… can you make me some soup?

I wish the kids could know how to make us chicken noodle soup from scratch. The pre-packaged kind just won’t cut it. I mean, we could provide our recipe, and attempt to offer detailed instructions. But there are too many steps and we just don’t have the patience! Can one of you kids just TRY to make us a pot of chicken soup?!? Look up a recipe on Google, or watch a how-to YouTube video!

No one knows where anything is.

Nobody else in the house knows where the thermometer might be. It would be complete sense for it to be in the medicine cabinet, but every time someone is sick, it ends up somewhere else and never back where it belongs.

Nobody else in the house knows where ANYTHING is!

“MOOOOOOOM, where is my favourite sweater? Where is my lunch bag? Where is the sugar?”

If you can’t scream back instructions, it would be best to write out a detailed to-do list for the rest of the household… along with a note to be placed on your bedroom door, or within the vicinity of your couch – Do Not Disturb – Go Away – Mom is Sick – LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

Milk it.

Even if you COULD get up, DON’T. Now is the time to test the waters and see how the rest of the house can manage on their own! Now is the kids’ chance to figure things out on their own, right? If you haven’t already, they will have to step up.

MILK IT as long as you can… the kids will eventually learn that the dishwasher won’t load itself, the clean clothes from the dryer won’t fold by themselves, and the oven will just magically pop out dinner.

Keep your butt on the couch or in bed, and watch Netflix all day… the rest of the house will figure it out.

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When Kids are Sick, They Only Want Mom

You’re an Awesome Mom

Moms, are you feeling worn down? I too am feeling overwhelmed, overscheduled, and even other people notice how tired I look.

So it’s time for a reminder about how awesome you are, mom! I realize you’re in the thick of things right now, but please know you will make it through these exhausting days.

My boys are older now, so I can look back and tell you how much work it is when your kids are little because I lived through it.

I remember what it’s like to breastfeed constantly throughout the night, and want to have a few moments to yourself without being prodded and poked.

I know how hard it is to have to jump out of bed to run to your crying toddler to soothe them because of a bad dream.

I know how often you try to stay focused on your adorable preschooler in the bath tub because they look so cute splashing in the water, but you can’t help yourself from zoning out.

Or screaming “shit! in your head when you tiptoe away from the nursery, only for the baby to wake up the moment you think you’re scot-free.

It’s okay. You’re an awesome mom.

It’s okay to have feelings of anger and frustration, and even desperation, when you just want your baby to go the fuck to sleep!

Your arms are numb from rocking your baby, your back is sore from carrying him everywhere, and you can’t feel your nipples anywhere from your baby’s constant sucking. And you cry because he won’t take the bottle or soother because you’ve reluctantly become his human pacifier.

You celebrate a 6:00 a.m. wake-up because for the first time in months, you haven’t been awoken by a crying baby at 5:00 a.m. and that extra hour has made you feel human again.

It’s okay. You’re an awesome mom.

It’s okay that you plopped your preschooler in front of the TV and let him watch shows for two hours so that you could lie on the couch because you’re as sick as a dog. You even endured two hours of Caillou for your kid’s sake – now that’s love.

You snap at your partner because you’re so exhausted, that you’re seeing blurry. As you drift in and out of consciousness, you have the wildest ideas of selling everything, packing up a few things and moving to a Caribbean island and living off the land. Your kids can become professional surfers – university is overrated.

It’s alright. You’re an awesome mom.

You’re doing your best, and some days you have your big girl panties on, and other days you struggle to keep your shit together. Because this whole parenting thing doesn’t come with instructions. Because there’s no cheat sheet.

We’re all moms just trying to navigate our way. Some days we’re rocking “adulting.” And other days we’re hiding in bathrooms and stuffing our faces with chocolate ice cream.

And that’s okay too. Because even on shitty days, you’re still an awesome mom. Your kids know that too.

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