5 simple ways to make your relationship better


Five Simple Ways To Better Connect with Your Partner

by Christy Laverty

I think I am like a lot of mothers out there. I am flat out busy, every single day. I work inside and outside the house. I am a mother, a wife, a freelance writer and a full time broadcast journalist.

I find it hard to get everything done every day, stay connected to my family and still have my sanity at the end of the day. One of the hardest things is to stay connected with my husband.

At one time my husband was working during the day and I was working in the evening. I would pick up the kids from school and three days of the week I would take them to grand parent’s house and the other two days the kids would have a babysitter until my husband would get home from work.

I might see my husband in the morning for a few minutes while we were getting the kids ready for school and sometimes after work when I would get home at 1 a.m. We would share special moments on the highway.

My husband and I would pass each other on the highway. We would look for each other and wave as we passed each other going about 100 km/hr. Not ideal but it was what we had at the time.

With that story in mind I thought it would be great to talk about five simple ways to better connect with your partner, spouse or significant other. I am all about simple. I am not saying it is easy, marriage is hard work but the pay off is more than worth it!

1. Say It!

Words are so important. Tell your partner you love them, not just by your actions but by your words. Say it aloud. Write it in a letter or email or text message. What ever fits in your life but just say it. It is a simple way to express to your significant other how important they are to you.

2.  Date Night!

Get out there and actually spend time together. Some adult time is really important. Go for dinner, a movie or even just coffee. Every couple needs time together to reconnect and re-energize your relationship. It doesn’t even need to be about spending money, take a walk together.

3. Talk

I believe it is essential to take time to talk to each other, especially about other things besides the kids. It is important to remember at one point in your life your kids will grow up and then you will be living a life without kids again. You need to nourish your couple relationship. Talk to each other (like you did before you had kids). Even if you are busy take the time, even if it is just over the phone.

4. Don’t Go To Sleep Mad

This is one that my husband and I have always held to. It can be hard sometimes but so important to settle things before you close your eyes every night.

5. Eat Together

This last one can be really hard for us especially with our busy schedules but I think it is a really important one (even for the entire family). Eating at least one meal together gives you an opportunity to share thoughts, talk about the day that has passed or the day this is upcoming, talk about plans for the day, the week, or the month ahead. It also works to slow things down, gets everyone to actually sit down, slow down and focus on the people in front of them.

There are so many other things that you can do. The list is endless. The important thing is to find ways, small and big, to spend time together, to connect and really share in the magic of your life every single day.


Christy LavertyChristy Laverty is a mother and an editor for a Toronto all news radio station. She also does freelance writing for several parenting magazines. Visit Christy’s blog where she updates the trials, tribulations, and fun of being mom of two beautiful girls.