No! Not my child, he would never do something like that.

Are you that parent who thinks their kid is an angel all the time? Well behaved, friendly and gentle around other kids? Your toddler has never ever hit before, never!

Or as an older kid, doesn’t talk back, has amazing manners and always says the right things?

Yeah I thought so.

Perhaps it’s time to stop the smug attitude that your children would never do something like that or do anything wrong because of your perfect parenting.

Gasp! Oh no, not MY child!

A 2010 study in the U.S. says that 96 percent of the nation’s parents think their kids are pretty well-behaved.  Can you say, DENIAL???

No child is 100% perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. So any parent who says “my child would never ever do that” is deluding themselves.

Most parents are not willing to admit then that their child doesn’t always behave as an angel. They do really think they have the perfect kid and will not accept that they can do wrong. Or they simply could be turning a blind eye, pretending like they don’t see the misbehaviour.

These parents could be setting their kids up for a big fall. I can understand that parents want to protect their child from failure and disappointment. But in doing so, they fail to realize that those are often the most valuable lessons they could learn.

It’s also important for those parents to admit when their child is in the wrong, take the opportunity and turn it into a positive by teaching them how to change their behaviour.

Have you ever come across parents who think their children can do no wrong? How did you deal with it?


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. Dianne / Smilenwaven Reply

    Those are the same parents that wonder WHY their kid ends up in jail.

  2. I am running into this issue now. I know my kids are not perfect, and keep a close eye on them to help steer any issues that come up. But I am so tired of other parents blaming my kids for issues when I was the one that paid attention and saw it was their child that did the wrong. Now I have to remove my kids from the situation, explain it was not their fault, and the parents talk behind my back that my kids are always the “bad” ones. They are one ones that are not paying attention and when their kids lies, believes them. So frustrating.

    • I am feeling this EXACTLY! How do you deal? My first instinct is to cut them off but then I would have no friends ?

  3. I know this family and they think their kid is just soooo amazing but she is not. She is a little stuck up brat who is very mean. She is not pretty. No one knows how she was elected homecoming princess. What do you do when the parent forces perfectness on the child and the kid believes ohh I am just soo amazing and I going to let other people bask in it!!!

    • Hi Lola I totally get what you are saying she is probably homecoming princess as everyone is too scared to stand up to her. We have the same issue with this sporty bully like person on out street. his dad is sporty bully like also is surrounded by a tribe of others that are too scared to question him. His dad actually says how great it is that his son punched someone at school last year as in this parents mind – his son was sticking up for someone else. WHAO what? No excuse for abuse and who would trust a parent that thinks their kid is perfect. I would be interested in hearing the other child’s version of events. Empathy Respect that is what is missing. that requires training and parents willing to work and model the correct behaviour and unfortunately our western society is becoming very bad at it.

      • I know this woman who thinks her 2 boys are perfect. The older one is a bully like her. He bullies and hits smaller children while she just watches and does nothing. One day her son was hitting my little boy who is 2 years old. I scolded him. Ever since this incident she has become my enemy.

  4. I had a mom basically tell me today that her child always tells the truth and that my child was dishonest. I know that my child isn’t perfect and I disciplined him accordingly. After I disciplined my son, he told me what he did wrong and also said the other child did it as well. The shame I felt- like my kid is so bad! She is in denial that her child doesn’t do anything wrong. #nomoreplaydates #nodramaforthismama

  5. I know this woman who thinks her 3 daughters are so saintly. They youngest daughter had 2 children . She was not married. Then she dated married men. Her mother said, she never tells her daughters anything because she knows what she has.

  6. This woman who was my friend`s mother has 6 children. My mother told her how does she a woman with 6 children handle them by herself. The mother stated, I have no problems because they are perfect. When i was trying to call my friend because I was to be her maid of honor. The phone was no longer in service. When I asked my friend in person why the phone was out of service. She told me the phone had been disconnected because the brother had not paid the long distance calls and the phone was disconnected.

  7. I know this woman who lets her daughters run her life. She had a collection of mementos she has collected over the years. One of her daughter comes to her house and tosses her mementos in the trash. She was telling me like this was a funny thing. I would never let one of my children do that to me. Another time she was sitting outside enjoying a beer. Her daughter came and grabbed the beer from her hand and scolded her.

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