winter slump


I’m Officially in a Winter Slump

Warning: This post is not intended for over-the-top positive motivators.
Its content may contain moments of negativity and despair.
Reader discretion is advised.

Can we just scratch January off the 2016 calendar? The first month of this new year has been a complete bust. I don’t mean to be a negative nelly but my mood has been outright depressing. I’m in a winter slump – officially.

The hype of the holidays is beyond over, and despite the welcoming denouement, the subsequent sentiments of sadness have not yet dissipated. I can’t shake off this icky feeling, can’t seem to get back into the productive groove I was in before Christmas.

The break was much needed but maybe too long?

I’ve lost my MOJO and I can’t get it back.

The winter blues are really kicking in now, even though we’ve had pretty decent weather lately. I’m writing my book which will published next spring and that’s exciting. But I’m generally feeling uninspired.

I’m taking my vitamins, going to the gym, taking time to de-stress and yet I’m still feeling sluggish, unmotivated and just MEH.

The news of the layoffs of many media and publishing employees makes me question my industry. I feel saddened that traditional journalism has taken such a downward turn. The world is changing and how we consume, share and present the news has evolved. I’m happy to be working in new media, but we need conventional media and journalists to present unbiased information about the world around us. Blog posts and opinion pieces serve their purpose but the less sharing of traditional media is not beneficial to anyone.

Are you in a winter slump?

Need to take some of my own advice on Beating the Winter Blues.