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Back-To-School Shopping in a Flash!

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With back-to-school time approaching, parents will soon again be pulling out their wallets to pay for all the things… back-to-school outfits, school supplies, school-appropriate snacks, and much more.

How hectic do you find back-to-school shopping? It truly depends on the number of kids you have, plus what age they are! My teen and tween boys are growing at a rapid rate, which means we’ll be shopping for many new items… clothing, sturdy backpacks and binders, running shoes, as well as new (expensive) hockey gear for the upcoming season.

I’m one of those people who rarely carry around cash anymore. When I’m shopping, I love being able to conveniently pull out my debit card and tap it to pay. I can easily navigate through checkout, and be on my way. After all, our daily routines are scheduled to a tee – time is always of the essence.

Interac Flash® is a convenient and secure way to pay for purchases because you don’t have to enter your PIN, or fumble around for change. Just hold your Interac Flash card up to the contactless point-of-sale reader, and you’re done.

Back-To-School Shopping in a Flash | amotherworld.com

You know when you’re going through the morning drive-thru for your beloved coffee? Just hold your Interac Flash-enabled debit card in front of the reader, and off you go. As a busy mom, it’s the little things to save time that make all the difference in my day!

What’s the difference between Interac Flash and Interac Debit? Flash incorporates all the built-in protection of Debit with even more protective measures to ensure your money is always safe. t offers strong consumer protections and unique security features, including the fact that the card never leaves the user’s hand.

Interac Flash makes purchasing a seamless process, helping you to better navigate your busy life. Whether tackling the big back-to-school shop or grabbing snacks for your morning commute, Interac Flash is there for your day-to-day necessities.

Visit www.interacflash.ca for more information.

Back-To-School Shopping in a Flash | amotherworld

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