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AC on the Fritz? Get a Summer Maintenance Check

Have you ever had your air conditioner break on the hottest day of the year? Murphy’s law! Of course you don’t want your A/C to be on the fritz, especially during a sweltering heat wave.

Your furnace is probably the last thing on your mind during the hot summer months. But did you know a functioning furnace is critical to powering your air conditioner? I had no idea.

A furnace and air conditioner tune-up is a smart way to prevent expensive breakdowns. Reliance Home Comfort is offering several packages to avoid potential breakdowns in the future.

You can choose from a 12-point or 21-point service for your furnace, air conditioning unit, or both. The 12 point service ensures the unit is in good working condition and the technician will address any safety concerns that may become hazards. A 21-point tune-up is a more extensive investigation and analysis of potential issues that might impact how efficiently the equipment runs.

For our scheduled visit, the Reliance technician called ahead before arriving to confirm the time and service. Chris first began his maintenance by checking the unit outdoors first. After inspecting outside, he came inside. He kept his boots on for safety but wore boot covers to keep my floors clean.

AC on the Fritz? Get a Summer Maintenance Check

AC on the Fritz? Get a Summer Maintenance Check

My husband showed him the way to our basement where our furnace and AC is located. Chris did a thorough check-up of our AC and afterwards, let us know that everything is working fine. He ensured that our AC equipment is in good working condition and making your home’s indoor air cool enough. He checked on the general condition and efficient operation of the evaporator coil, that absorbs heat from inside your home, as well as the outdoor condenser unit, that expels the hot air outside.

To check the furnace, he’d have to run it for 45 minutes and on a warm day, we thought it would be best if he could come back in the fall to do a proper maintenance of our furnace.

After completing the service call, the technician provided us with a written checklist and assessment of the work done that day.

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