Store Gift Cards


Store Gift Cards and Shop with UGO Wallet App

How heavy and stuffed is your wallet? With all the important cards you need including your driver’s license, debit card, health cards, membership cards, where do you have room in your wallet for credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards?

UGO Wallet is a free mobile app that gives you the convenience of having a “virtual wallet”.  You can store loyalty cards, credit cards and now – store gift cards – all on your smartphone. You can quickly pay for items, collect and redeem rewards points without fumbling through your wallet or purse.

Gift cards are hugely popular, especially during the holiday season. Many gift cards don’t get redeemed because they’re either lost or misplaced. By storing the cards on the UGO Wallet app on your smartphone, they are always easily accessible. You never have to worry about missing an opportunity to use them, and you can be sure to use every bit of the card’s balance.

Go Holiday Shopping with UGO Wallet App

Make small payments easily and conveniently with UGO Wallet. Using participating credit cards on compatible Android and Blackberry phones, anywhere you could use a tap and pay credit card, you can use UGO Wallet – usually up to a $100 payment. And it’s as secure as paying with your credit card.

How many times have you made a purchase and forgotten a loyalty card at home? Or remembered you had a gift card at home that you could’ve used on a purchase? Now you don’t have to miss out on the chance to collect points or redeem gift cards again, thanks to this convenient mobile app. With the exception of payment cards, you can back up all cards securely to the UGO Cloud. If you ever change devices, they can easily be restored.

All you have to do is scan your cards to the app and you’re done! Simply open the app when checking out, have the cashier scan the barcode, and collect and/or redeem points, use a gift card or credit card to make a payment. And if the retailer ever has trouble scanning your loyalty or gift cards, they can simply key them in.

With UGO Wallet, you can:

  • store and use gift cards;
  • collect and redeem points on loyalty cards; and
  • make payments at participating retailers.


How to download and use the app?  Check out UGO’s YouTube channel.

UGO Wallet is fast and convenient to use, and a smart way to organize your purse and de-clutter your wallet.  It’s nice to have all of your loyalty, credit and now gift cards, all stored in one convenient app. It lightens the load on your wallet and purse! Happy holiday shopping!

Go Holiday Shopping with UGO Wallet App