Sending Money Abroad with CIBC


Sending Money Abroad is Easier with CIBC

As you may or may not know, I have family in Greece – close relatives including aunts, uncles and first cousins! We were lucky to have visited them this past summer. Now, the economy hasn’t been well for quite some time. Sadly, many families in Greece are struggling right now – and with an unemployment rate of 25%, people are struggling.

Relatives abroad are supporting by sending money to help their families back home. Now it’s easier with CIBC Global Money Transfer, which allows you to send money to loved ones FREE with no fees, anytime and anywhere in the world, usually within one business day.

You can send money to loved ones in 35+ countries worldwide, including India, the Philippines, and the Eurozone countries, and with very competitive foreign exchange rates (please check the country first to ensure availability). CIBC customers receive accurate, real-time pricing every time they send money as the exchange rates are based on live exchange rates.

CIBC Global Money Transfers are free of fees to CIBC customers, and you don’t have to worry about secure delivery. All this can be done conveniently online or through your CIBC branch. As long as the recipient’s bank name and account number are correct, the funds will be deposited directly into his or her account safely and securely.

The recipient country does not need to have the same bank – CIBC has 100% coverage for all countries on their list. CIBC doesn’t charge the recipient fees for receiving money either– but they should check to make sure their own financial institution will not levy more fees or service charges. A Global Money Transfer counts towards allowable transaction limit; bank account transaction fees may apply.

The hassle-free and quick turnaround of CIBC Global Money Transfers will surely help many families who do send money to their loved ones abroad – especially this holiday season.  For more info, visit: http://bit.ly/CIBCgmt.

Do you have family or friends who send money abroad?

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by CIBC. As always, my written opinions are always my own.