princess wish


The Morning I Saw a Princess through My Daughters’ Eyes

by Danielle Christopher

In the hour I have been up I think I have sat down once, and that was to use the bathroom. Otherwise, I have been bouncing all over the house to get husband out the door, kids’ breakfast, pack backpacks for the day and getting dressed.

It is not a usual routine weekday morning. I will be dropping off my oldest daughter, who is almost four years old, for a morning at gymnastic camp. My slight guilt flashes through me on my anticipation to doing errands with just my youngest daughter who is only one year old.

It has been weeks since pre-school been out for the summer. I need this time off.

I sit my darling three-year-old down for breakfast and announce the surprise to her. Ariel, The Little Mermaid, will be stopping by the day camp. She immediately jumps up and runs to get her Ariel doll to take with her.

In a blink I am stepping into the gym, fully expecting to have to wait until she is ready to leave. Within minutes she waves me off and I am in the car with my one-year-old, sailing through the morning shopping and post office stops.

Done my errands in no time, I go back to the gym to see how she is doing. I opened the door to hear Ariel singing ‘Part of That World.’ My older daughter is sitting in awe looking at the real life princess. My one year old squeals in delight seeing her sister. The two sisters sit together to the sing along.

I sit on the sidelines watching my toddler and pre-schooler and allow myself to feel like a youngster again. The singing is contagious. Yes, I know the words.

All that matters is that moment I am a part of the fairytale reality. I see my daughters bonding as sisters. My princess wish is that they will always be this close as I still am with my sister.

Danielle Christopher is a stay-at-home mom of two daughters, ages one and three.  She blogs for The Momoir Project and writes book reviews for Women’s Post.  Her teen story is in the collection” Parent/Teen Stories: Without Judgement”. She lives with her husband of seventeen years and her girls in Langley, B.C.  Follow her on Twitter.