my work at home job is too good to be true


When a Dream Job Doesn’t Turn Out To Be

by an Anonymous Mom

Over the last couple months, I have really begun to wonder if my job is really worth it. Am I being taken advantage of? Is this just a cruel joke being played on me?

I took this job for a few reasons. First of all it is something I am totally and completely passionate about.

Secondly, I get to use my degree. Now, seriously, not a lot of people get to say that. Not only that, I get paid to stay home with my kids. NOTE: If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

I began this job when I was very pregnant. I was so eager to do well, that I literally sat on a birth ball, in labour, answer emails. My baby was hours old, and I was researching and planning.

I was determined to make this venture work…and it was. This company is becoming an enormous success in my city, because of me. WOW…what a feeling.

While consistent back pats and praise are nice, when the pay doesn’t reflect the amount of work being done…those gestures seem useless. I am pretty much getting paid peanuts. While that is an expression, sometimes I think that if I got paid in peanuts, what I get paid in dollars, they would be worth more. Yes, it’s that bad.

What I agreed to, was based on many what ifs and red tape. Unfortunately, the red tape is so thick that I don’t think it will ever be able to be peeled away…at least not it time, for me to stop looking for another job.

I want it to work, but it’s not looking like it will. I am exhausted with thinking about the pros and cons and working my butt off to make something succeed, without me being able to personally succeed and financially thrive.

I am worth more, so I am told. I just need to actually start believing it, and do something, soon.