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Clean Out Your Closets and Donate For Good

Every season, I make a point of going through our closets to see what we no longer wear. The kids go through their toys and make two piles – one for trash, and one for donation. This spring when I had help in paring down my wardrobe, I realized I was holding onto too many things that I no longer needed – I just needed a push to de-clutter.

Well, this summer, there’s a fabulous initiative to help get you motivated. GLAD® is teaming up with Goodwill in Toronto and the G.T.A. to help drive donations for their Donate4Good program. To help encourage communities to donate their used goods to those in need through Goodwill, GLAD® will be donating $10,000 + 10,000 black plastic bags to help pack those donation items – and help you continue with your spring cleaning.

GLAD will be stationed at five select Loblaws locations across Toronto on weekends from August through to October to pick up your donations. Select neighbourhoods will also have door-to-door bag deliveries to help you prepare before your local Loblaws drop-off date. For every Glad® bag returned with clothing and other gently used items, Glad will donate $1.50 to Goodwill (up to a maximum of $8,000).

Here are the drop off dates and Loblaws locations:

Glad Goodwill Locations

I’ve always been curious to know, which donated items are in most demand?

Top 10 Most Wanted Items to Donate to Goodwill

  1. Clothing for men, women and children
  2. Accessories (belts, purses and scarves)
  3. Kitchen items (small countertop appliances, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans)
  4. Shoes and boots
  5. Linens (blankets, sheets and pillowcases)
  6. Outerwear for all ages
  7. Household décor (figurines and other decorative objects)
  8. Kids games, puzzles and toys
  9. Wall art, mirrors and picture frames
  10. Towels


Clean out your closets and donate for good

GLAD is committed to sustainability and strongly believes in the importance of waste diversion, which is why they are so excited to partner up with Goodwill  — to encourage Canadians to reduce some of their household clutter and contribute to those in need while also diverting waste to landfills.

GLAD’s compostable bags with febreze™ freshness are fully biodegradable in municipal facilities and perfect for food waste. They contain odours with the help of febreze™ freshness and are tough enough to handle messy food scraps. Aim to produce less waste by diverting your trash into recyclable and organic food waste, where possible. Depending on your municipality, you can use Clear and Blue Bags to contain your recyclable items.

Clean Out Your Closets and Donate4Good

If you do decide to donate, you’ll be supporting Goodwill’s ability to enable work opportunities and provide skills development for people facing barriers to employment.  Operating as a social enterprise, Goodwill generates funds through retail operations and other lines of business, which allows them the autonomy to be innovative and adapt their business lines and mission to fit the changing needs in the community.

Clean Out Your Closets and donate for good

For more information, visit Glad.ca and Goodwill.on.ca.