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Mom Confession: I Didn’t Think Motherhood Would Be This Hard

My confession? I didn’t think that motherhood would be this hard.

I have two kids, one is just four months old. I love my kids to death but I’m just really exhausted. I’m always tired and cranky because I am not getting enough sleep.

My husband works long hours and is so tired from work, he comes home and eats and then flops on the couch. I feel like I never have a break.

I’m always taking care of the kids, changing dirty diapers and getting thrown up on. I’m afraid to go out because I don’t think I can handle the baby and my toddler in public or the baby will be hungry and my toddler will be running off and I’ll have to chase him while I’m breastfeeding my baby.

Nobody told me that being a mom would be so hard. I mean, I knew that it would challenging but I know it is so rewarding too. I just feel like I’m totally on my own.

My parents don’t live here and neither do my in-laws (I wouldn’t want their help anyway).

I don’t know what to do to get out of this rut.

Mom Confession: Use Your Green Bin People!

by an Anonymous Mom

My big rant is seeing garbage picked apart by gulls and crows.

It’s obvious the garbage isn’t being recycled as there was food in the green garbage bag as well as paper, cans. etc. Now it’s all over the road right as you make that big turn. WHY can’t people take the time to recycle properly?!

It’s not hard to do and birds wouldn’t be pecking at your garbage if the food portion was in the GREEN BIN!!!

Also, people who put two green bags at two different sites on their property. Rarely do you see a blue bag or the green bin out.

Why are some people getting away with this I wonder. And heaven help us if the bag blows away from your yard a bit and lands three feet from the road. It’s left there and not picked up.

Isn’t it just dandy to see garbage all over town?

What is your biggest pet peeve in your neighbourhood?