making memories with kids


I read a post somewhere (and I wish I could find it to reference) where a Dad told his wife that the kids won’t remember all the things they did when they were young. They’ll be too young to remember but at least Mom and Dad will remember the memories they built together as a family.

But guess what?

They DO remember. Kids do remember making memories when they’re young.

They remember the bouncy rhymes you sang when they were light enough to sit on your lap.

They remember the Criss-Cross Applesauce sensation on their backs when their hands were smaller than yours.

They remember their favourite lovies they would never leave home without, like my son’s red block and horse flashcard (that I kept for him).

They remember the talking toy their late grandfather gifted when they were just babies (that blows me away).

They remember their favourite shows they watched as little kids like Wonder Pets and In the Night Garden.

They remember the colourful kids-sized table in the kitchen corner where they’d sit together and have a snack.

They remember the first time they rode their bikes without training wheels as you watched, cheering them on.

They remember the sounds of the ice cream truck hitting the neighbourhood and the screaming with joy as they ran to get their favourite rocket pop.

They remember when you held them tightly in the ocean playing ring around the rosey.

They remember giggling, “higher!” each time you pushed them on the swings just a little harder.

They remember that you played I Spy in the car rides on summer long weekend road trips.

They remember fall apple picking, getting lost in corn mazes, and going on hayrides.

They remember the Halloween party you threw with all the cool decorations and the costumes you handmade for them.

They remember your loud cheers when they scored their first goal.

They remember when you stood up in the auditorium and clapped your hands like a hysterical woman applauding for their performance at the school assembly.

They remember the trips you took to the beach, and falling asleep in the car on the way home with chocolate ice cream smeared all over their faces.

Don’t underestimate how the love you share with your children can form early memories that will stay imprinted in their mind. The time you spent together and the love you gave them is what they will always remember.


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