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Craft for Kids: Canada Day T-Shirt

This is a simple craft for kids for Canada Day – make your own Canada Day t-shirt!

Looking for inspiration on Pinterest, of course, I found the idea here on WorkManFamily. The author included step-by-step photos so take a look there if you need more help.

All you need is a plain white t-shirt (you can buy in the underwear or craft section of Walmart or Target for under $10), a piece of cardboard for each t-shirt, red fabric paint and a little help from mom or dad.

Insert the cardboard inside each t-shirt so that when you paint on the front side, the paint doesn’t bleed through. Paint a red rectangle (or at least trace them for the kids) on one side of the t-shirt. Then paint your child’s hand or have them dip their hand in some red paint.

Carefully, with fingers spread apart, press hand in the middle of the t-shirt, aligned with the rectangle. Then paint a rectangle on the other side. The cute little handprint will act as the maple leaf for the Canadian flag.

Here is how ours turned out when we made them:

make your own canada day t-shirt

My boys will be wearing these again on Canada Day this year.

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