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5 Tips on Getting Your Family Life Organized

I’m not the most organized person… I’m not horrible at keeping our busy family’s schedule in order but I could definitely use some improvement and family organization tips. I find that I’m much more productive if I have a good plan to get my family organized.

Between appointments for four family members, school schedules, hockey games and other extra curricular activities, it can be quite a challenge to keep your family life organized!

family organization tips

Here are 5 tips on getting your family life organized:

1. Use a main extra-large calendar in your kitchen.

I have too many calendars here and there – a day planner, a small calendar for my purse, one on my phone and another in my office. I need to consolidate all of those calendars into one main calendar in the kitchen so that everyone can add to and follow. I don’t want to be asked, “what time is the hockey game on Saturday?” Just go look at the calendar!

2. Use meal plans – and create a grocery list from that meal plan for the week.

I’m guilty of running to the grocery store practically every day buying ingredients for dinner that night. I do plan as best as possible but sometimes we’re in the mood for something different to eat, or I just don’t feel like cooking something. But I try to keep to the weekly meal plan to make those late afternoons a little easier. I also keep Friday or Saturday night open for take-out. I can’t cook every night of the week, who do you think I am?

3. Use To-do lists for the week.

I find it daunting sometimes to get everything done on a to-do list in one day. There are some things that need to get done but others than can be pushed until later in the week.

4.  Have a family chore list.

When you divide the chores between partners, it will make life a little bit easier. Get your kids to do chores by using a kids’ chore chart. Weekdays are all about schedules – it’s the only way things can get done. My kids need to follow a chart like this – I’m going to try using it for them to clean up their rooms, the basement play area as well as making their beds.

5. Set a homework schedule or ‘quiet time’ for the kids.

That means, no TV, devices, video games, etc. after 7pm or between 5 and 6pm. I have a chalkboard in the kitchen with an after-school schedule laid out so that the kids know what to expect and it seems to work well. I’ve offered some tips on ways to limit screen time for children as it seems to have become a major source of stress for parents everywhere!


How do you get your family life organized?