i can’t stand my mother in law

by an Anonymous Mom


Here it goes.

I cannot and I repeat cannot STAND my mother-in-law!!!

Here are just a few reasons why.

1. She shows up unexpected time and time and time again. I have told her to call beforehand and she interpreted as call when she is three minutes from my house (after she has driven 30 minutes to get here).

2. She feels the need to do our grocery shopping. So when she does show up, she has brought groceries with her. The neighbours must wonder why a 70-year-old woman is lugging boxes of water and grocery bags to our front door before ringing the doorbell and why two idiotic people inside cannot go shopping on their own or at least carry the bags in from the car! UGH!

3. The mop. Believe it or not, she carries a dust mop in the trunk of her car and when I am not around (ie. when she’s babysitting my kid), she whips it out and dusts our floors! I know because my son tells me!

4. So I’ve asked her not to show up unexpected.  She still shows up but won’t come inside until I notice she is trimming my lawn outside! She carries a lawn trimmer in her trunk too.

5. She uses our dirty towels to dust down the bathrooms.

6. She washes dishes and puts them away with dirt still on them.

7. She washes our laundry. No thanks. I don’t like my whites mixed with darks and I don’t want her touching my underwear!

I have lots more but ding dong! Guess who is here?

Editor’s note: Any advice and/or words of wisdom for this anonymous mom?

Photo: NewLine Cinema