how do you know you’re done having children


10 Reasons Why You Know You’re Done Having Babies

Tick. Tock. The biological clock goes…

How do you know you’re done having kids?

You may have one, two or even three or more and come to realize, THAT’S IT!  I’M DONE!

But how do you know?

Here are 10 reasons why you know you’re done having babies!

1.  You don’t feel a rush or tingly sensation when you see or hold a baby.

“I held a good friend’s seven-day old baby and having had two of my own (ages 5 and 1), I didn’t have any yearnings to ever be back at that stage again.”  ~ Amber Hall

“When ‘sucka’ went through my mind when I saw a mom with a newborn instead of ‘me want, me want.'”  ~ @chickymara

2. The idea of sleepless nights and changing diapers again makes you cringe.

3.  You’ve already packed and put away baby clothes.

4.  You’ve converted the crib into a bed.

5.  You stop hearing the loud sound of “tick tock” in your head and feeling it in your body.

“I turned 40!”  ~ Natasha Chiam

6.  You’re back to your pre-pregnancy weight, in a comfortable routine and can’t imagine starting all over again.

7.  You know your body just can’t handle another pregnancy.

“I was so sick during and after my last pregnancy. Didn’t think my body could handle it again.”  ~ @helpwevegotkids

I have an 8 and 7 year old boy.   I thought I was done then I found out I was pregnant and had my babygirl in October she was preemie.  I had preclamsyia Gestational Diabetes and after such a rough pregnancy and dealing with a preemie I was done.   ~Ali Torres

8.  When you last planned on having one more but ended up with twins.

“When number 3 turned out to be 3 AND 4!” ~ @EG_Cakes

9.  You’ve already agreed/forced your hubby to get a vasectomy.

10.  When you just “knew” you were done.

“I just knew. We just knew that one was right for us. There’s that classic song from Schoolhouse Rock – ‘3 is a magic number’. Mmmm. Yes it is.” ~ @nameyourtunecds


When did you know you were “done”?