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Alexisonfire’s George Pettit on Music and Becoming a Dad

We know George Pettit of Canadian screamo/post-hard-core band Alexisonfire like this:

But have you seen George like this?

Pettit, singer, vocalist and screamer extraordinaire, can now add Daddy to his resume!

“Owen is three months old but top of the percentile, he’s 18 pounds which is really big for his age,” says Pettit, 28.

“He’s a massive kid and he’s awesome, relatively easy to deal with except for today, I gave him a bath and he was pissed off at me.”

Proud of his little boy Owen Edward, Pettit and wife Megan have reunited after being apart for six weeks while the band toured with Billy Talent. The last date of the Canadian tour was at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on March 28, 2010.

Entering fatherhood with humour and natural instinct, Pettit is definitely on the right track:

After a successful album and tour, Pettit looks forward to spending some quality time with his family. I asked how life has been with baby Owen.

“Most of the time he’s just all giggles and smiles, he’s really easy which leads me to believe that a couple of years from now when we decide to have another one, we’ll have a little screamer, a little monster on our hands.”

Wouldn’t that be appropriate?

I wondered how becoming a father has changed this fast-paced life of a rock-band singer.

“The way you look at life and the way you live your life, it changes. Now there’s a little guy who depends on me. Before then it didn’t really matter, I could go broke, I could pretty much destroy my life, but now everything I do is going to affect my kid’s life.”

Hailing from the small town of Grimbsy, Ontario, Pettit is loved by fans for his unique screaming style and energetic onstage performances.  Often prancing around the stage shirtless, Pettit has also been known to dive into the crowd.

On Alexisonfire’s latest album “Old Crows/Young Cardinals”, Pettit’s true voice is more audible:

“Old Crows/Young Cardinals” (Dine Alone Records) is nominated for a Juno for “Rock Album of the Year”.

Watch the 2010 Juno Awards April 13th on CTV.

Alexisonfire performing “This Could Be Anywhere In the World” at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, March 28, 2010 (via amotherworld‘s cam)