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Move Over Bottle Flipping, There Is a New Trend Among Kids and It’s Scary

Remember when bottle flipping was the most annoying trend among kids?  Kids everywhere were tossing a partially filled plastic bottle and try to get it to land upright – over and over again. AND AGAIN.

The noise of water bottle flipping and the challenge of getting the bottle to land upright – captivating kids and teens everywhere. God knows why! The things kids find fascinating.

But for parents, the repetitive noise of the children flipping bottles, and the loud THUD of the bottles landing, would drive us crazy!

But now, there is a new and worrying trend among kids. It’s downright dangerous!

The trend has been around for a while, and goes by several names… Five Finger Filet, Knife Game, Rusty Cage Game. Whatever you call it, it’s a dangerous game played by ADULTS who – usually while drunk – put their hands palm facing down, fingers spread, and taking a knife and stabbing at the spaces between your fingers.

There is even a “finger chop song” to go along with it. The tempo speeds up in the song, and you have to keep up with the tempo thus increasing the speed of stabbing too. Obviously, if you miss that space in between your fingers, you’re in big trouble.

While this was originally an adult “game”, children are now doing a variation of this in school.

Yes, kids are now doing this in school with pens and pencils! They are watching videos on YouTube and mimicking the same with sticks, pencils or God forbid, a real knife.

There is that distinct sound of pencils tapping on a table – sounds like a chef chopping vegetables – that will drive you mad.

But parents beware! I can just picture some kids getting together and one daring the other to use a real knife.