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Why are Fidget Cubes and Spinners so Popular?

My youngest is in Grade 4, in a split class with Grade 3s. He’s always been a super active child, moving non-stop from the moment he wakes up to the time he crashes in bed.

He is so physically active that even when he needs to sit, he is either shaking his leg, or fidgeting with something, or moving his entire body on the chair. It’s tough for him to sit still, especially in a classroom for six hours.

He tends to get restless, which is normal for kids his age! Kids need the space and time to run around and be active. Asking any active child to sit still for longer than an hour is difficult.

So there have been times during class that he has some difficulty keeping focused and still. He often gets distracted by the activity in the classroom, and other kids.

In mid-March, my son’s teacher told him he should get a fidget cube to help him with his fidgeting in class. We looked into it, and purchased a cube and a spinner from Amazon. Within a couple of days, my son was happily focused in class, taking his fidgeting out on these nifty devices.

Fast forward a month later and these fidget gadgets are everywhere! Like any “toy” trend, this one spread like wildfire. Now everyone has them – which is great, BUT… they aren’t a “toy” for some kids.

Some kids NEED to have fidget cubes and fidget spinners in class. Others simply don’t. I worry that the thing that was supposed to prevent distraction in the classroom is going to end up being the cause of it.

Will this new “trend” ruin it for the kids who will actually benefit from these fidget tools?

These fidget cubes and fidget spinners are really helpful for kids who are having trouble concentrating on a task. For some kids, they’ve become a toy rather than a tool for kids like mine, who need them in the classroom.

The fidget cube and fidget spinner have both been helpful in keeping my son focused in the classroom. He describes them as “satisfying” because of the various functions they have. They help him with distraction and he does fidget less in class.

I hope that they aren’t eventually banned from school classrooms because kids who have trouble focusing, and ADHD kids truly need these tools in order to function during the day.

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