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Ontario is beautiful in fall so why not embark on a vibrant autumn adventure? There are so many beautiful places to see fall colours… but we are exploring the BEST places to see fall colours in Ontario.

Explore the best places to see fall colours in Ontario, from the iconic Algonquin Provincial Park to Hamilton’s Dundas Peak and the picturesque Bridal Veil Falls on Manitoulin Island. Soak up the  landscapes of Sault Ste. Marie’s Agawa Canyon or Norfolk County’s scenic drives. Explore the captivating Belfountain Conservation Area, and embrace the fall charm at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area. Dive into the heart of the Thousand Islands archipelago and witness the beauty of Ball’s Falls Conservation Area in the Niagara Escarpment.

Here are the top 10 places to see fall colours in Ontario.

1. Muskoka Region & Algonquin Park 

Muskoka is known for its spectacular fall foliage with its diverse forests and gorgeous landscapes. The area’s many lakes such as Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph, reflect the rich colours, creating a stunning mirror image. The scenic drive on Highway 169 and Highway 118 wind through dense forests with stunning views at every turn. Muskoka has a few must-see lookout points such as Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower, located in the Algonquin Highlands.

Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario is a prime destination for witnessing the fall colours in Ontario. Algonquin Park is committed to environmental preservation and ensures the health of its trees. Another great location to enjoy the fall colours in Ontario is Lions Lookout in Huntsville. It’s worth a visit as the lookout gives you a breathtaking view of Hunter’s Bay. If you’re not up for a longer hike, the Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail is a relatively short one and leads to a granite bluff with stunning views of Lake Muskoka. Another option is Hardy Lake Provincial Park which also has lookout points along its hiking trails, allowing visitors to enjoy the seasonal colours reflecting off the lake. 

No matter where you visit in the Muskoka area during autumn, you’ll get to enjoy the fall foliage! 

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2. Thousand Islands Tower

The Thousand Islands Tower is in the heart of the picturesque Thousand Islands region in eastern Ontario. Situated atop Hill Island, the tower provides panoramic views of the Thousand Islands archipelago as it transforms into an artist’s canvas of fall colours. Enjoy the fall foliage against the backdrop of the St. Lawrence River. The surrounding islands are adorned with their own unique blend of autumn hues. You can enjoy them from the tower’s observation deck. You can also explore Thousand Islands National Park and take a boat tour along the river.


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3. Dundas Trail and Dundas Peak in Hamilton

Dundas Trail and Dundas Peak in Hamilton are one of the best places to see fall colours in Ontario. The trail, nestled within the stunning Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, offers a picturesque journey through dense forests adorned with maple and oak trees that burst into hues of red, orange, and gold. Hike the trail and climb to Dundas Peak for panoramic views of the surrounding Dundas Valley, where the brilliant fall colours.

Webster Falls is nearby and stands as one of the area’s most picturesque waterfalls. Adjacent to it, Tews Falls, within the same hiking area, holds the distinction of being Hamilton’s tallest waterfall, cascading impressively from a height of 41 meters.

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4. Bridal Veil Falls on Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Bridal Veil Falls on Manitoulin Island is also one of the best places to see fall colours in Ontario. The waterfall is framed by the lush forest, giving you a picturesque scene with brilliant hues of autumn. The vivid shades of red, orange, and gold surround the falls, making it a great backdrop for your Insta-worthy pics! 

Nearby, there are several spots that have beautiful views of fall foliage too. Cup and Saucer Trail is a renowned hiking destination and has panoramic views of the island’s dense forests. Providence Bay Beach has a gorgeous setting where the golden foliage compliments the sandy shoreline. Misery Bay Provincial Park is also a great spot to see stunning fall colours on their trails.


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5. Ball’s Falls Conservation Area

Ball’s Falls Conservation Area is nestled in the heart of the Niagara Escarpment. Explore numerous hiking trails, like the Bruce Trail. The historic Ball’s Falls, set against the backdrop of fall hues, adds to the scenic charm. Also, the area features charming heritage buildings and farmer’s market, creating that small-town Hallmark type of ambiance.

Located near the quaint town of Jordan in the Twenty Valley, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area is a great spot to enjoy fall colours. Be sure to make a stop in Niagara-on-the-Lake if you have time, and drive along Niagara Parkway which also has some of the best fall colours in Canada.



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6. Agawa Canyon, Sault Ste. Marie

Sault Ste. Marie, particularly renowned for the iconic Agawa Canyon Tour Train, is a fantastic place to witness the breathtaking fall colours of Ontario. The train journey takes passengers on a scenic ride through the Algoma District. As the train winds its way through the rugged landscapes, travelers are treated to a spectacular display of reds, oranges, and golds as maple and birch trees transform the surroundings into a picturesque canvas. One of the must-visit locations along the route is Agawa Canyon, where visitors can disembark and explore the canyon’s trails and waterfalls.

Hiawatha Highlands is a popular spot featuring hiking trails and scenic lookouts, providing stunning views of the changing leaves against the backdrop of Superior’s shores. Kinsmen Park, located near the waterfront, is another great spot where locals and tourists gather to admire the fall foliage while enjoying a relaxing day outdoors. Explore the scenic drives along Highway 17 and the St. Mary’s River Scenic Drive to enjoy the vibrant autumn palette. These locations, in and around Sault Ste. Marie, offer great views for experiencing the beauty of fall in Northern Ontario.

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7. Norfolk County

Norfolk County, situated in southwestern Ontario, is a splendid region to witness the enchanting fall colours. With its diverse landscapes comprising forests, farmlands, and water bodies, Norfolk County offers a rich tapestry of autumn hues. Take a scenic drive along Norfolk County’s back roads, where winding country lanes are fringed with trees. Long Point Provincial Park along the shores of Lake Erie provides stunning views of fall foliage against the backdrop of the lake.

Turkey Point Provincial Park is also a great spot to stop, known for its hiking trails. Apple picking farms such as Great Lakes Farms in Port Stanley and Norfolk Fruit Growers’ Association are popular spots where visitors can enjoy the crisp fall air while picking a variety of apples. Additionally, families and friends can get lost in the fun-filled corn maze at Hanes Corn Maze in Dundas, and visit the Tiny Shop Bakery for a sweet treat afterwards.  


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8. Belfountain Conservation Area

Belfountain Conservation Area, nestled in the heart of Caledon, Ontario, is also one of the best places to see fall colours in Ontario. Explore the serene beauty of the Credit River Valley alongside the picturesque Belfountain Falls. The scenic lookout points, such as Evelyn’s Lookout, offer breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape.

The quaint village of Belfountain itself provides a charming backdrop, with tree-lined streets showcasing the vivid colors of the season. Make a stop at Cheltenham Badlands with its exposed red hills, offering a captivating geological spectacle perfect for Instagram-worthy poses. You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes for hiking, of course!

Nearby, visit the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park to explore scenic trails tracing the Credit River. The Caledon Trailway is ideal for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding, and winds through the region’s natural beauty. The quaint village of Caledon is also worth a visit with its historic buildings, boutique shops, and art galleries.

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9. Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area in Milton, Ontario is another destination to witness the vibrant fall colours of Ontario. Rattlesnake Point offers breathtaking scenic lookouts, such as the Nassagaweya Canyon Lookout. Buffalo Crag Lookout has panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside and the changing fall foliage. Walk through dense forests, limestone cliffs and unique rock formations. Visitors can explore the park’s extensive trail system, including the Nassagaweya Canyon Trail and Vista Adventure Trail.

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10. The Kawartha Lakes region

The Kawartha Lakes region makes the list as one of the best places to see fall colours in Ontario. Explore iconic spots such as Rice Lake, where the foliage reflects in the calm waters. Ganaraska Forest, one of the largest blocks of forested land in Southern Ontario, has extensive trails to enjoy autumn’s beauty.

Also, Balsam Lake Provincial Park and Petroglyphs Provincial Park both offer excellent opportunities for hiking amidst the vibrant foliage. The charming towns of Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls have tree-lined streets showcasing the vivid hues of fall, making the Kawartha area a must-visit destination for fall foliage enthusiasts.

Best Places to See Fall Colours in Ontario

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Best Places to See Fall Colours in Ontario