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Dove Women Who Should Be Famous Event

Dove and celebrity Mandy Moore hosted a Women Who Should Be Famous event at the Carlu in Toronto on June 26, 2012.

They introduced an audience of women and young girls to some remarkable female role models: women who should be famous.

A positive role model can make a world of difference by helping a girl develop a positive relationship with beauty and encourage her to achieve her full potential.  Dove is dedicated to send that positive image to women and girls about real beauty and self-esteem – a cause that I’m proud to support.

Here are the four women who were featured and spoke at the event:

Severn Cullis-Suzuki, activist

Toni Blackman, freestyle artist

Fahima Osman, surgeon

Arlene Blum, mountaineer and chemist

Actress and singer Moore introduced the women and shared their remarkable stories while Dove Canada’s VP Sharon MacLeod hosted the event, which was live-streamed on Dove’s Facebook page.

Here are some photos of the event, which was truly inspirational and clearly left an amazing impression on the young girls in the audience.



















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Dove Takes Action for the Women of the Future

By Eleni Moutsias

Dove imagines a world where every girl grows up with the self-esteem she needs to reach her full potential.

At the G(irls)20 Summit on Thursday, June 24, 2010, the Dove Self-Esteem Fund in Canada was unveiled to support positive self-esteem amongst girls and women so they can feel more confident and reach their full personal potential.

The Movement was launched as a part of One Girl Can: A Discussion on Mentorship bringing together one 18-20 year-old female representative from each of the G20 nations, along with delgate from the African Union, to share insights and experiences about the positive impact of female mentors on self-esteem and to develop actionable ideas for encouraging mentorship in their communities.

The key messages the young girls voiced were “be yourself,” “we are all the same” and “don’t let anyone tell you your not good enough for anything.”

These messages will hopefully be understood between mom’s and daughters alike helping young moms become actionists.

Dove is asking all Canadian women to join its vision at www.dovemovement.com to declare they will play an ongoing role in building positive self-esteem in the girls and women in their lives and share a piece of advice by looking back to their 13 year-old self.

By joining the Movement, women will become part of a community committed to a world where every girl grows up with the self-esteem she needs to reach her full potential.

Eleni Moutsias works has a background in writing, research, social media and marketing communications and works in Public Relations.  She is actively involved in her community and the things that matter most, fitness, family and travel.  Visit Eleni’s blog, http://www.fabulousprcoach.blogspot.com/