does everybody wear a bikini in europe


Everyone wears a bikini in Greece. It’s true – most of the women here are wearing bikinis. One-piece swimsuits are not common on Greek beaches. I love the freedom that the women here feel – many of them of European tourists, of course. But whether French, Spanish, Greek or Italian, confidence emanates from them.

Despite their body shape or size, these women are wearing their two-piece bikinis and wearing them proudly. Not to mention that men of all ages are prancing around in boxers, briefs and even jockeys. I don’t see an ounce of body image anxiety at all. If there is, it’s hidden very well.

What the difference compared to the body image mentality in North America. Is there a difference? There must be. Europeans must not be concerned about Hollywood standards, instead celebrating their own definition of beauty. Perhaps they aren’t inundated with body-perfect images as we are in North America.

In Greece, you may not see an older woman wearing revealing clothing on the street, but on the beach, it’s a different story. It seems expected that women and men should shed as much clothing as possible, so they can feel the sun on every part of their exposed skin. Let your skin breathe! You’re not supposed to cover much of your skin at a beach.

You’ll also see women – even mature women – going topless, and it is perfectly fine to everyone on the beach. There is no judgement. How liberating! I’m positive that these women are not Greek, but tourists from other parts of Europe.

Personally, as long as your private parts are covered, and I don’t mean your breasts, wear what’s comfortable for you. I don’t have a celebrity “bikini body”, but I will rock my bikini at the beach. I’m 40 and do not have what the celebrity tabloids would call a “bikini body” but I will rock a bikini if I choose to, and where appropriate – I likely wouldn’t wear an itsy bitsy bikini in the community swimming pool at the community centre.

Here’s another thing to consider – I may not live up to Hollywood standards and not have a killer bod and abs, but my husband thinks I look hot and that’s good enough for me. Not everyone around the world cares about celebrities in Hollywood, or that a model size 0 is the best body.

I love seeing women of all ages be comfortable in their own skin – no matter how much is showing. As I get older, I am more comfortable in my own skin – if only I had that confidence in my 20s, I could’ve rocked that bikini even more!

Wear a bikini and be proud!