by Shelly Khushal

The Peekaboo Beans Winter Catalogue is out! There was such a selection of comfortable clothing for kids to choose from, I couldn’t decide. Luckily, I didn’t have to – I put the kids to work and they selected the outfits they liked best. Take a look at some of Peekaboo Beans’ winter clothing line, and my kids’ top picks!

Comfortable Clothing for Girls

Jump’n Jeggings

Never before have my children worn the same clothes in a one week period, but that all changed when my daughter tried on the Peekaboo Beans Jump’n Jeggings.  She wore them for three days straight! These are the absolute best pants out there – Kid Tested, Mommy Approved.

comfortable clothing for kids

Spirit Leggings, Charcoal

The best of both worlds – pants and leg warmers! Stylish and super comfortable. Another one of my daughter’s favorites.

comfortable clothing for girls

Snowscape Leggings, Coastal Blue

Rich ocean blue colour  and beautiful print along the side of the pants – makes for a very stylish 5 year old.

Wonderland Tee, Sweet Pea

The feel of this material on your skin is like nothing you have ever felt before. Even after washing, it has a smooth, silky, wrinkle free touch to it. The generous fit gives way for multiple wears past the age indicated.

comfortable clothing for girls


Comfortable Clothing for Boys

Rock Bed Coat

More like a thick sweater, this soft velvety blanket adds just that touch of warmth on a cold day! Even after working up a sweat, running and playing in the park, my little guy didn’t want to be without this rock bed coat! The removable sleeves turns the coat into a vest, instantly making this coat a dual purpose wear.

Dinorific Tee

Soft and smooth are the words my son used to describe this t-shirt. In a beautiful two-toned blue, this shirt is not only comfortable but stylish as well. The label-less, tag-less system adds a bonus.

Baseball Hat

Perfect fit with adjustable straps, this hat proudly displays the Peekaboo Beans emblem in front with a positive “I love Playing” message in the back.

comfortable clothing for boys

Comfortable Clothing for Kids Peekaboo Beans

comfortable clothing for boys





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  1. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) Reply

    I like the snowscape ones. Peekaboo Beans is new to me as of this year. I got my daughters a few pairs of leggings and they’re great. I really like the ones that have ruching up the sides.

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