Oh, the joys of pregnancy and childbirth! Did you ever think that along with the stretch marks, leaky breasts, and extra weight, you’d have to also deal with a weak bladder?

Well sheesh, after all that pushing – even if you’ve had a C-section – muscles in that entire region of the female body takes a beating. Childbirth completely loosens up all things in that area…  inside, and out!

For many women, this is what happens after having kids! You can cough or sneeze, even laugh hysterically, and leak, requiring a change of underwear. It doesn’t matter if you try to hold in that sneeze, that dribble will still happen. Yes, I remember having a few of my own experiences where I’d have to squeeze my legs and run to the bathroom!

Did you ever think you’d have bladder incontinence at your age? Heck no! But the truth is, it’s a normal thing many women of all ages have to deal with. It’s one of the most common problems experienced by new moms, affecting about a third in the first year after having their baby. So if you’re experiencing this, you are not alone!

It takes time for those pelvic muscles to heal after giving birth, and strengthen them too. Do those Kegels, ladies! In the meantime, there’s help. Poise® pads are thin, comfortable and keep you much drier than other products on the market.

One Other Thing Your Body Experiences After Baby!


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This post was sponsored by Poise®. As always, opinions here are completely my own.


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. andrea amy Reply

    After having 5 children, I do experience some bladder leakage when I have a cough.

  2. Def have some bladder issues after having a baby. A big sneeze, a bad cough and eekkk that big laugh that comes deep from the belly ugghh.

  3. Oh yes for sure I experienced it! I had it during both pregnancies when I’d laugh too hard or cough. Now that I’m not pregnant, I will get LBL whenever I have bronchitis where I have awful coughing fits.

  4. kristen visser Reply

    oh yes!! not really when I was pregnant but after having my girls..especially after the second. body definitely is not the same after that lol

  5. Anne Taylor Reply

    After I finished having children, sneezing and laughing became dangerous activities lol I first noticed it about a year after having my last child.

  6. my first child was a 10lb baby. I had bladder weakness because of the pressure he put on my bladder. The 2nd child was much easier, but as the years have gone on, my bladder has weakened. I can’t sneeze without crossing my legs and sometimes even then I leak. I try to always have a pantyliner on. It’s not bad enough to consider surgery yet. I drink lots of water though to keep things going smoothly and prevent infections

  7. Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    I do sometimes when I laugh really hard or when I sneeze.

  8. My recently pregnant girlfriend does suffer from leakage when she laughs or sneezes. We joke about it!

  9. angela september Reply

    yep … weren’t we all afraid to sneeze while preggers? LOL!

  10. I experienced this mostly with my first pregnancy. It wasn’t something I was prepared for!

  11. I remember during the end of my pregnancies not wanting to be far from a bathroom. My babies were large and put a lot of pressure on my bladder. I would go from not needing to go to I have to go right NOW! in a matter of minutes.

  12. Even though I was pregnant with (and delivered) triplets, I never had this problem and even though I’m now over 40, I still don’t (not complaining). I used to get migraines and since getting pregnant (over 6 years ago), I haven’t had one. Touch wood.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  13. Maria McLachlan Reply

    after having kids definitely weaker. minor leaks at a really belly laugh when I’ve been holding a pee has happened

  14. Shanda Enriquez Reply

    I have birthed 3 babies and I pee a little every time throw up… Getting the flu sucked…

  15. Sabrina Tong Reply

    I, luckily, haven’t suffered from LBL. I know it’s probably in my future though :/

  16. Kelly young Reply

    Yes after my children I have had blather problems I need to wear pads on a daily basis also I have cervical cancer doesn’t help at all

  17. I did not have any bladder leakage (although I did have to see every hour on the hour). I did experience the joys of hemorrhoids, however, which was the low point of both of my pregnancies.

  18. stacey dempsey Reply

    I have had issues with my bladder after having all my kids and it does seem to get worse as you get older. Also it seems your hips are wider and your feet get a little bigger lol

  19. Aimee Robison Reply

    The only change I’ve noticed is if I laugh to hard I end up with LBL now. I didn’t have this problem before.

  20. Angela Mitchell Reply

    I experience some mild bladder leakage after having children. It mostly happens when I sneeze or when I touch water and I’ve waited to long to go!

  21. Shannon F. Reply

    During pregnancy I do (I’m pregnant now and have sneeze pees all the time) but it usually goes away a few months postpartum (at least I hope it will again this time!).

  22. I haven’t lived pregnancy yet- but according to friends and stepsister, it happens!

  23. I don’t have this problem but have close relatives that do one is considering a surgical procedure.

  24. Kelley Moore Reply

    I did on both of my girls especially in the final stage of my pregnancies.

  25. Lisa bolduc Reply

    Yup runs in my family
    My mom had to have 2 surgeries to fix it cause hers was bad

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