It’s cold outside, baby!

The weather is changing and as the cold begins, chapped lips, rough hands, itchy limbs and raw, red noses become more and more common. With delicate skin, babies are even more susceptible to dry skin. Not only is a baby’s skin thin and delicate, but it produces fewer moisturizing oils than that of adults.

To help protect your baby’s skin from the winter weather ahead, Disney Baby has put together five simple ways to lock in skin’s moisture.

 5 Ways to Soothe Baby’s Skin

1. Keep tub time short

Bath time is fun for babies and also calming as part of a bedtime routine. But if your little one is prone to dry skin, try to keep baths short and sweet. Limit tub time to ten minutes or less, use warm water instead of hot, and don’t let your little one soak in suds.

2. Moisturize, especially in winter

Apply moisturizer every twelve hours, to make sure baby’s skin stays soft and smooth. This is particularly important right after a bath; rub some baby lotion into your little one’s damp skin, and then tuck your tot into a cozy towel to lock that moisture in.

3. If your house is dry, humidify

If you notice that your house is dry, which many homes are during winter months, try getting a cool-mist humidifier, like this cute Winnie the Pooh one. Or add a humidifier to your furnace. Moisture in the air adds moisture to the skin.

4. Hydrate well

Ensure that your little one is drinking enough and is well hydrated. Add a little extra formula to your baby’s bottles, or, if you’re still breastfeeding, try to do it more often. If your little ones are more than 6 months old, keep a learner cup on hand and make sure they are drinking plenty of water so they can replace the moisture that’s evaporating from their skin.

5. Change diapers frequently

In the winter, the skin on your baby’s bottom is more vulnerable to irritants. To prevent diaper rash, change your little one’s diaper often and allow some diaper-free time to give baby’s bum some air. For added protection, use a diaper cream to protect your little one’s skin from friction.


How do you keep your baby or child’s skin protected during the cold winter months?


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Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


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