I’ve talked about all of my food sensitivities and how going gluten free and dairy free has changed my health in such a positive way.

Not only has my stomach healed, I’ve also managed to lose about 20 pounds of weight without even trying. My hair has grown in thicker and fuller, which was brought to my attention by a hair stylish who asked me if I had undergone a change in life recently. He pointed out the new, healthy growth. This is all due to my dietary changes.

I’m not saying everyone should go gluten, dairy or soy free but that cutting those foods out of your diet can help clear up a lot of digestive issues.

Most packaged goods contain soy, which is genetically-modified and tough to avoid but is possible. The organic grocery store will be your best friend. You’ll spend more time in the kitchen preparing fresh meals. I make everything from scratch so it’s definitely a huge commitment and also a challenge when travelling.

So what do I eat now that I’m gluten free?

Well I’m also soy and dairy free too so it’s much more of a challenge! What to eat on gluten free diet can seem daunting but I assure you, you will quickly adjust.

I use stevia in my coffee, coconut palm sugar in my baked goods and a mix of almond, tapioca, coconut and sorghum flour in my breads and desserts as well as ground flax seed (great for egg replacement). I’ve recently tried ground tiger nuts too.

Soda pop is a no-no, as is white sugar, artificial sweeteners and chocolate unless it’s dairy and soy free. If I drink orange juice, it’s freshly squeezed. I also buy organic unsweetened cranberry juice and add a little to water along with dandelion root tea and fresh lemon slices as a cold drink.

I use organic chicken broth and bouillon without soy or gluten and buy coconut aminos instead of using soy sauce in my Asian dishes. I’ll use guacamole and fresh salsa, skipping the sour cream and cheese for my Mexican dishes.

I also take a daily probiotic, and have been also taking vitamins B and D as well as an herbal supplement for my stomach.

Here is a simplified gluten dairy and soy free menu:


Pea protein shake with 1 cup frozen fruit and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
Sometimes: Bacon, eggs and homemade home fries
Sometimes: Gluten-free pancakes with maple syrup


1 cup of soup
1 flatbread
100 g of preservative free ham or turkey – I buy fresh roasted turkey from Sobeys which is cooked in-store, or McLean’s organic deli which is nitrate free.
Lettuce, tomato
1/4 avocado
Organic corn chips


Chicken breast or steak or burger or any other protein
Any vegetable or salad
Sometimes ~ rice, potato and/or organic corn or rice pasta


Not all at the same time!
Homemade cookie or muffin
1 apple with 1 tbsp almond butter
Fruit (except bananas)
Handful of almonds and 2 figs or dairy free chocolate chips
2 tbsp hummus and organic carrots
Air popped organic popcorn

Brands/Products I Buy

Nature’s Path organic corn pops
SweetLeaf Stevia
Earth’s Own Almond Fresh milk
Lara bars (treat)
Kettle brand chips (treat)
Enjoy Life chocolate chips
McLean’s organic deli
Que Pasa or Neal Brothers organic tortilla chips
Imagine Organic low sodium chicken broth
Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss
Zevia natural sugar cola drinks (treat)

Sample Gluten Dairy Soy Egg Free Menu

I’ll keep adding to this list because I’m sure I’ve forgotten something!


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. Looks like a very healthy lifestyle! My boyfriend eats a vegan diet and I’ve tried many times, so I know how difficult it can be to make the transition to a healthier way of eating. Of course, it is possible!

  2. Sherry Poirier Reply

    Hi Maria, I enjoy reading your blog, I also saw the article in the Star about organizing your wardrobe, that was very interesting! It is hard to downsize my clothing! The discussion regarding gluten free diets I liked as my son is also gluten free and lactose intolerant as well. It certainly isn’t easy.

    • amw Reply

      Hi Sherry! Thanks for visiting my blog! How old is your son? I’m sure it’s even more challenging to have a child who is GF and DF. When did you find out?

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