Set the Tone

In order to set the right tone for the party, be sure guests understand the expectations for the party. It is very important for your guests to know what to expect at your party. Be clear about theme, colour scheme, dress code, if dinner will be served or just light refreshments, if there  will be games/prizes and any other relevant information pertaining to the party. The last thing you want is to do is alienate or make your guests uncomfortable.

Set the Menu

Be sure to check with guests about food allergies/dietary or religious restrictions before finalizing the menu. For my high tea parties that I throw each year, I actually send out the menu to the confirmed guests a week before the event.

While food is important to throwing a successful party, it is not the most important thing (as I have recently learned). Food should be a priority and there should always be variety, but do not stress yourself out with it.

Recently, at one of my parties, I learned from a close friend that a party is much more than the food that is served. “The food nourishes us, but it’s the party itself that feeds us”.  That’s why attention to detail and the planning process is so important.

fruit platter, fruit plate

Get Your Home In Order

This seems a bit odd to include, but it’s actually one of the key things that people overlook when hosting a party. People spend so much effort on the planning, that the execution sometimes falters.

Clean your workspace (i.e., kitchen). Empty the sinks and clean off your countertops.  Empty your bathroom garbage cans. No one needs to see your junk.

Set your table and essential items in advance and ensure you have enough dishes, cutlery and SEATING. You don’t want your guests to think they were an afterthought!


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