HEELing Hunger

HEELing Hunger is a fabulous movement started by Dee Brun and Marci O’Connor to help end hunger.

Essentially it’s a fabulous Shoe Swap but with all profits going to local food banks across Canada.

To participate, visit the HEELing Hunger website to find all the details.  All you need to do is donate a minimum of $9 a pair of your gently used shoes to the shoe swap Fundraiser.  In return, you get to help feed local food banks, feel good and get a fabulous pair of shoes!

“The goal is to have everyone walking around in their fabulous shoes knowing they have done something kind in their own backyard,” says Dee Brun.

What inspired Dee and Marci to start HEELing Hunger?

“The Kindness Revolution that has started in Social media inspired me to do ‘something’. So I pledged to donate my earnings from my CocktailDeeva parties to local food banks for all of 2011. It wasn’t until Marci reached out and sent me an email, telling me about her clothes swapping business and her idea to do a shoe swap to help food banks that all the pieces fell together. I put my foot in my mouth on a daily basis…I have no brain to mouth filter, I say that is why I wear fabulous shoes. So at least it looks good. Now I am going to put my foot in my mouth to help end hunger.”

To participate and donate, visit www.heelinghunger.com.

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