When she’s not hosting the hit lifestyle show CityLine or filling in for Dina Pugliese on Breakfast Television, Tracy Moore is busy chasing after her two children.

Moore has an almost four-year-old son, Sidney, and a one-year-old daughter, Eva Simone, with husband Lionel.  The couple met while both working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“The one-year-old is waking up at night, getting up at 2:30am and again at 5am and I stare laser beams into my husband’s head,” Tracy jokes when I ask her to describe the craziest part of her day.

“But that period between about 5 and 7pm where my husband is making dinner, I have to give him props for that! … and eating dinner which is the brutal part, getting the kids bathed and then getting them down to bed is probably the most challenging.”

It doesn’t help that her son is a picky eater while her daughter eats everything… so dinnertime proves to be challenging for Tracy and her hubby.

“I’ll turn the radio and we’ll dance around in the kitchen and try to make dinnertime more fun,” Tracy says.  “My husband grew up fairly poor so it’s a good lesson to be learned.  If you don’t eat, you go to bed hungry.”

Tracy has been hosting CityLine on Citytv since October 2008, the longest running and most successful daytime show for women in Canadian history.  Before that, she served as news anchor on Citytv’s  Breakfast Television.

When Tracy started in the industry, she envisioned that she would start out in Toronto and then find an agent in New York and interview with the large networks like NBC, ABC and CNN – which she did.

“I thought I’d join in the US and become a Diane Sawyer and be co-hosting a news magazine. I thought I had it figured out but somewhere along the way, things took a different route,” Tracy says.

“I realized that I am a news junkie but I’m also a huge goof!  I couldn’t put on the reporter voice and didn’t really want to either.  I was stepping out of important parts of my personality and now I’ve embraced who I am and it couldn’t be any more perfect for me.”

It’s ok to be who you are, and everyone needs to be who they are. There is a place for everyone.”

In the years she has been on air, her most memorable guest of all time was Entertainment Tonight’s Steven Cojocaru.

“We took to each other right away and in such a superficial industry, it’s a nice surprise.  It’s not just that he’s going to come on show to tell us that JLO has back hair,” Tracy says.

“What I like about him is the Canadian boy in him.  He gives to his audience, has such a good heart and he talks about his mom and dad.  He’s a good boy, loves his parents.”

When she’s not working or being a mom, Moore loves to read.  She is reading three books at once;  How to Speak Money by Ali Velshi and Christine Romans, The Marriage Plot: A Novel by Jeffrey Eugenides and The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill.

“If I don’t find the time to read, I put myself to sleep earlier than my grandma,” she jokes.  But Tracy also loves to exercise – it’s the only thing that keeps her body and mind in check.

“I’m not as good a person, mother and wife when I don’t exercise. I do it for my body but it’s also an exercise in mental health.”

When does she get to the gym?  If you’re on Twitter, then you know that Tracy wakes up super early to start her day.  And she always seems to have a circle of online friends who will greet her in the morning.

“I know it’ll be the same friends from social media at 5:30 in the morning.  Twitter is a great place to meet people, console people and connect with real people, having tough day as parents, being able to relate to people, twitter has been a way of creating lasting relationships.”

You’ll know that Tracy loves to tweet about The Bachelor, her favourite TV show (tied with Community and then Modern Family).  Why does she love the show so much?

“To me it’s the prefect mix of romance, even though it’s really reality-tv romance.  I love seeing the girl female relationships, because I don’t believe these couples will last,” she says.

“It’s interesting to see the clash of personalities and to see how each personality plays out.”

Canadians will have their own Bachelor show coming soon!  Will you be watching?  I can’t wait to find out who the Bachelor will be!

Watch the Bachelor Monday nights at 8pm and CityLine daily at 9am on Citytv.


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. Great article Maria! I love Tracy and how she’s just herself – Funny, full of pep and always interested in what’s going on around her – everyone can relate to her.

  2. Dear Ms Moore

    I too enjoy watching your shows. My questions and thoughts are

    I would like to know what your program demographics are, ie: people making over 100K or people making more like 40 -60 K or perhaps people making less then 40K.
    the reason I ask is, because on your shows like home day, although I like watching the luxuryous homes and renovations, I am one of those people who make less then 40K and would like to see home ideas for people in my price bracket. Maybe like once a month or something. There are lots of people in toronto who live in ‘ordinary’ apartment buidlings where we would like to ‘update’ our homes with ideas that will not be discredited by our building managers. I hope this make sense to you, if not, please I have ideas for my own home that I would like ideas for

    thank you for listening


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