Last year, I freaked out when I heard about the trend called “Vajazzling” and then “Vatooing”… you know, decorating your bikini area with crystals and temporary tattoos?

Well now, the New York spa that created those bikini stylings have come up with the latest trend – the Foxy Bikini and the Carnivale.

What the what?!?

The renowned New York hair removal spa owned by former Real Housewives of New York’s Cindy Barshop has just launched two brand new trends in bikini styling that are quickly becoming a hit amongst their high end clientele.

The Carnivale Bikini gives the Brazilian bikini line an extra boost by decorating the area with feathers in a variety of colors.  The Foxy Bikini features actual real fox fur which is glued to a waxed bikini line.

Real fur…  Barshop had said in her video that she was using fox fur that had been dyed red and pink for the treatment.

After widely covered outrage from PETA over her use of real fur and an e-mail campaign trying to convince her to go faux fur, Barshop has decided to make the switch.  She wrote:

“I respect and value your opinion and was moved by your determination in what you believe in. I have every intention to fix this by re-introducing the Foxy Bikini with Faux Fur. Lots of love and positive energy to you and your cause.”

Good thing she switched to faux!  Um…. not really!  Who would even consider getting this done?

I highly doubt it would be comfortable, let alone unattractive.  Feathers and fur on my hoo-ha?

No thanks.

Would you consider getting feathers or faux fur on your bikini line?



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