by Erica Chapman

Spring and summer 2012 has caused designers to go into a fashion frenzy and they’ve all brought back a number of different styles such as the 20s, 80s, pretty pleats and basic pastels. With so many styles to choose from, the clothing possibilities are endless.

In between planning PTA meetings, picking up children from school, going to yoga, and cooking dinner, what do you wear to work every day?

Here are 5 office looks for spring summer 2012, five different looks that can take you from to the office to lunch with new clients to a dinner after work.

Mondays are always crazy getting back into the routine; making lunches, tired children and tired moms!   What to wear when you’re in a rush to get to the office?  The shirtdress. Whether you’re petite, sleek and tall or curvy and athletic, you can bet that you’ll look chic and sexy.  Add a skinny belt, heels and a fully functional bag. Wear some earrings or gold bangles for an extra splash of color. Don’t forget your lunch and your day planner!

office outfits spring 2012


Tuesdays are usually easier but a surprise meetings can throw you off!  Look polished and trendy with coloured high-waisted pants, a coffee free blouse, pumps and a knee length jacket. Keep the outfit soft and breezy with calming pastels and a neutral tone bag.

Hump day, the middle of the week.  Wear all black but spice up your outfit a little animal print.  I’m not saying to buy a Jennifer Lopez inspired ensemble but maybe a leopard prink jacket or snakeskin heels or even a zebra stripe bag will do the trick.   An black mid-thigh dress with an animal print jacket, tights, bag, or headband will be just the extra pizzazz you’ll need!

5 Office Looks for Spring Summer 2012

Make it a floral day!  Thursday is floral day! Rain or shine, floral brings a smile to everyone you encounter, and its child proof!  A great way to do a little floral is in a skirt. Pair the skirt with a basic tunic or V-neck shirt, add a little extra flair with a vibrant necklace.  Keep the bag simple and let the floral stand out as much as possible.

TGIF!  My favorite day of the week, and usually the craziest!  The kids are making random plans the husband is MIA and you lost your mind sometime between the brewing of the coffee and the starting of the engine.  Rock a black skirt and a bold-coloured silk blouse and a rocker leather jacket.  If it’s casual Fridays, wear dark denim jeans with a nice pair of flats if your feet need a break. If not, throw on a colourful pair of heels!

Before you run for the weekend, don’t forget some fun accessories like fun bangles and lip gloss and your signature perfume!


Erica Champan stumbled upon her love for fashion while scrolling tirelessly through Tumblr. She loves putting on a vibrant outfit and getting stares and awkward glances on the street of her small town.  Fashion isn’t just about putting clothes on and hoping for the best, it’s a lifestyle.  She hopes to work for Vogue and be photographed while strolling the streets of Manhattan.


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.

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