My list for places to travel in 2016 didn’t turn out as I had hoped originally. But in a pleasant turn of events, I ended up travelling to several Canadian destinations.

Last year we explored Ontario, traveling to Southwest Ontario and the beautiful Blue Flag beaches of Sarnia and Grand Bend. We also visited Mont Tremblant and Quebec City, ending the year with a trip to Vancouver.

I think 2017 will also be a year for travel in Canada. I’ve never visited Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and would love to take a trip to the east coast again. One of my goals is to visit every province and territory in Canada.

Where do you want to travel in 2017?

Are you planning to travel in 2017? Last year, travelers visited Brazil for the Olympics, and Americans flocked to Cuba for the first time. But in 2017, other countries will enjoy the spotlight.

While some are staying close to home for various reasons including the fear of traveling to certain countries, other destinations are coming into the spotlight including these 10 amazing places.

Now, there is no better place to travel than right here in our own marvelous country.  Lonely Planet has named Canada the top country to visit in 2017.

Canada is celebrating 150 years this year, and there will be celebrations all year and all around the country. More than 200 national parks and historic sites are offering free admission throughout the year. The capital of Ottawa will be hosting a full year of celebrations, and Montreal is also marking its 375th anniversary. The only issue you’ll face is deciding where to visit first – British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, or Quebec?

Want to travel but not sure where to start?

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