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They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this couldn’t be more accurate to describe our family. Our kitchen is a buzzing hub not only for eating meals but also for connecting before heading to work, school and outings. It’s our place to congregate for family meetings, organizing calendars, and making plans.

As someone who needs to stay organized, I have written lists, a bulletin board, and written a daily planner. But often those organizational tools aren’t enough! The Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant can help the whole family stay organized efficiently and quickly thanks to its smart voice response and crisp screen.

Since we started using this clever device, I start the day putting on a pot of coffee and asking Google what’s going on for the day. Simply say, “Hey Google” and ask anything you want – “What’s the weather today?” and “What’s the latest news?” I’ll also ask to listen to my favourite playlist on Spotify.

I’ll ask “What’s on my calendar today?” and hear about events on our agenda. If I’ve forgotten to add something manually to my calendar, I can ask Google to add it via voice commands – so I can continue what I’m doing. Multi-tasking at its best! It’s like having your own personal assistant who can take notes on demand.

Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant Features

The Lenovo Smart Display is easy to set up; either place it portrait or landscape to suit your needs. Simply plug in, download the Google Home app, and connect to your Google account.

The 8″ touchscreen display with 1280 x 800 resolution lets you watch videos, view content, and video chat with beautiful clarity. Use the Google Duo to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Add location so your experience can be tailored to where you live, and explore the options available in your area with Google Maps.

The built-in Google Assistant allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Google Assistant but with the added bonus of a video display.

Ask Google Assistant to show you recipes, tutorials, or music videos on YouTube. Ask to hear your favourite songs on Spotify; the speaker is nice and loud, delivering clear and balanced sound.

If you have the capability, you can also dim the lights, adjust the temperature, or lock the front door, instantly and remotely.

This Smart Device Will Help Manage Your Busy Family

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This Smart Device Will Help Manage Your Busy Family —





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  1. Ms Elaine Boychuk Reply

    The video chat would allow me to talk to my friends around the world.

  2. Kristi Friesen Reply

    I think it would be great for our family on road trips with having the Google Maps and Google Assistant!

  3. Erin McSweeney Reply

    having google assistant will be great for the family to use

  4. I would love Google assistant to show me recipes while I’m busy in the kitchen cooking.

  5. Victoria Ess Reply

    This would be helpful for making and checking all of our schedules!

  6. This would be fantastic for scheduling all the kids and grandchildren’s activities!

  7. Alison Braidwood Reply

    I think this would probably live in my kitchen. I can see it being super useful for looking up recipes, conversions, and playing music.

  8. Gosh any thing that can keep our busy family schedule on track I’m excited about. Plus it plays music, I’m sold!

  9. The Google Assistant would be great for playing music while I’m cooking and cleaning.

  10. Maritess S Reply

    It will help me organize our favourite family recipes and personalize our music playlists.

  11. This would help tremendously between everything I have to keep up with in our household. With kids in school, working, doctor appointments. Also, letting me set timers for when I’m in the kitchen. What the weather will be for the day, since we have such a huge fluctuation all the time. Putting on some music while cooking dinner, and doing chores.

  12. Scheduling! Getting the household working towards the same goals

  13. I’m a single parent to five kids plus I’m a full-time student, so anything that helps me get more organized is a welcome addition to the household! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Lushka Smith Reply

    It would be a great help in the kitchen to access recipes

  15. Rosanne Robinson Reply

    The Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant will help our household to stay organized with the Google Maps, recipes, calendar scheduling, listening to music, and staying in touch with family in Ireland & U.S.A.

  16. This would help with having a recipe at my fingertips in the kitchen.

  17. Florence Cochrane Reply

    I would bring it on the road to check traffic, directions and the weather. I would use the video chat with my family the most.

  18. Clare O'Brien Reply

    It will help me stay organized and on top of my schoolwork & job.

  19. I love the idea of Google assist while I’m in the kitchen. I feel like it would be my personal cookbook so I can see how to make things. Seems like something I definitely need.

  20. Jackie Dirstein Reply

    This would help me be more organized and I love the idea of having it in my kitchen to be my own personal sous chef!

  21. This would help us be more organized and have quick access to music and recipes

  22. I think this would really help for the kitchen. We could jot down our schedules on it, and also keep track of the weather.

  23. Shelley Hickey Reply

    It would be perfect for recipes and music and to check the weather and keep track of my schedules.

  24. This would be great to create a schedule for our family, we desperately need it! LOL

  25. It would help me organize our schedules! I’m really sick of all the post its and the massive calendar,

  26. It will help me to communicate via vidio chat with family in other locations. knowing what the weather will be, and how everyones schedule on track

  27. This would be so helpful with the voice commands as I’m always on the run and having info (and music) immediately available is so very convenient!

  28. Natalie Rourke Reply

    The Lenovo Smart Display would be perfect to help me show my older parents how to search for things, set reminders and even make grocery lists. My mom would love to be able to use voice activation to listen to the songs she loves while cooking- even helping her find her recipes or for my step dad to find a phone number. Amazing !

  29. Catherine Robichaud Reply

    This would be great to help remind me of the days appointments as well as letting me know what the weather is and how to get where I’m going.

  30. This looks like a great product. I am new to them but I think it would help me schedule my daily tasks & so much more. Thanks for the opportunity.

  31. Christine Holliday Reply

    So my ‘household’ consists of me 2 dogs and a cat… I’m getting old and kinda braindead…so I would use this to remind of things to do… thanks!

  32. This would be amazing to have! I would love to use it for recipes and streaming music. Getting set up to be able to lock the doors remotely would be amazing! I always get up and check that they are locked at least twice after I go to bed.

  33. This would help me be more organized and have easy access to all my recipes and music.

  34. I think it will keep me busy while I am housecleaning by playing my fave songs.

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