by Maria Lianos

We know the amazing perks that come along with being raised in famous family.  What are some of the pitfalls and challenges the children face?  

1.  Freedom  

Children of celebrity parents may not have the freedom that average children have.  “They may be more sheltered and protected so as not to fall prey to paparazzi or even worse,” says psychologist Sara Dimerman

2.  Normal Life and Privacy

Famous kids could grow up wishing for a more normal lifestyle and more privacy, especially when they become adolescents.  “No child wants to read about their mother’s past, her sexual life, her alcohol or addiction problems, and even her nasty divorce,” says psychotherapist Kimberly Moffit.  

Children of celeb parents may wish for more quality time with their family away from the public eye.  “They may resent their moms for having to spend so much time away and resent having to be taken care of by others when their moms are away,” says Dimerman. 

3.  Jealousy 

Some older children may be jealous of the attention that their moms are receiving and try to find ways to compete.  Think of Lindsay and Dina Lohan.   

Celeb kids also may have difficulty maintaining true friendships if they aren’t trusting of the friend’s motives.  Friends may be jealous of their status and family fame.  

4. Being Spoiled

Celebrity parents have to be careful that they don’t spoil their children so much that they can’t learn the value of money. “The biggest injustice a parent can do for their child is to make them believe they’ll never have to work for anything,” says Moffit.  Great examples of hard-working kids are Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.  

5. Quality Time  

Celeb kids may not spend enough time with mom and/or dad.  “The rules are the same for every mom – celebrity or otherwise. However, a celebrity mom’s job may be tougher because she may not be around to parent a lot of the time,” says Dimerman.  

When mom is there, its important that she dedicate as much of her time to her children as possible.