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Holiday Gift Guide For Self-Care Love

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how often I tend to write about the importance of self-care and making it a priority to nurture your mind, body and soul.

Self-care is about putting physical and mental health as a top priority in order to live a more fulfilling life. And since its popularity has increased in the past few years, more and more people are making self-care a buzz word. Despite the “trend”, self-care is critical to our well-being.

Instead of makeup or jewellery, why not treat your loved one with some gifts to promote self-care? Here are some great self-care gift ideas for your loved one this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide For Self-Care Love

Holiday Gift Guide for Self C - amotherworld.comare

1. CBD Oil

There are many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but the ones you’ll most commonly hear about are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis that makes you feel “high” while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that has been found to help reduce inflammation and act as a natural treatment for many ailments including depression, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain.

The Feel CBD Full Spectrum CBD Drops contain hemp CBD oil and infused with lemon and lime essential oils to help improve mental clarity and block out distractions. Each bottle contains 300mg of CBD, with each full dropper measuring out to 10mg of CBD. You’ll have to start with one dropper and increase to find the right dosage for you. The CBD drops seem to help with feelings of anxiety, helping to calm the mind and body.

$49.99 at Birch + Fog

Holiday Gift Guide For Self-Care Love - FeelCBD Focus Drops

2. CBD Topical Cream

As someone who suffers from arthritis and muscle pain, the Herb Angel Heat topical cream helps relieve join pain, inflammation and muscle soreness. It combines the deep painkilling properties of cannabinoids with the tingling, soothing sensation of heat, for intense localized pain. After using this cream for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed it does hep to reduce the pain in my neck and upper back!  Contains 150mg Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil.

$34 Birch + Fog.

Holiday Gift Guide For Self-Care Love - Herb Angels Heat Topical Cream

3. Vitamix Venturist V1200

A key to good self-care is also nourishing your body with a healthy diet. I love to cook and always looking for appliances that can help me prepare my recipes more efficiently. For many years, I’d heard people rave about the Vitamix and wondered, what’s all the hype? It wasn’t until I received one myself that I realized how awesome this blender is. It’s not just for smoothies, guys! So far, I’ve made pie crust, pizza dough, salsas, and pureed soups in my Vitamix. And right now, Vitamix is having a sale on their units – you don’t even need to spend a ton to purchase brand-new; Vitamix also sells reconditioned blenders for half the cost!

The Vitamix Venturist V1200 is currently only $369.95!

Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care Love - Vitamix

4. Gravid Weighted blanket

If you have restless or light sleep, feel anxious and can’t relax in bed, then a weighted blanket from Gravid might be your answer to a good night’s sleep! According to studies, people who used a weighted blanket “had an improved sleep, where they felt more refreshed in the morning” and “had an improved sleep, where they felt more refreshed in the morning”.

The Gravid 3.0 weight blanket is heavy enough to make you feel calm and cozy but not constricted. I usually wake up several times a night but with the blanket, I seem to get into a much deeper sleep and haven’t been waking up! I definitely have been sleeping through the night without waking (unless to visit the bathroom). My 12-year-old has trouble settling down to sleep, often tossing and turning for almost an hour before falling asleep. I had him try sleeping with the blanket, and found comfort much quicker and hardly tossed and turned during the night.

Starting at $129, Gravid.ca.  Use MARIA10 for 10% off!


Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care Love - Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket - amotherworld.com

5. Bright Eyes Set (AluminEye Eye Cream + Retinol Eye Gel)

Let’s face it – we want our skin to look its best especially as we age. The AlumierMD skincare line is one of my favourite skincare brands because their science-based formulations use the best medical-grade ingredients The Bright Eyes Set is a must-have product duo, specially packaged together as a set, contains our Award-winning AluminEye® eye cream which hydrates and illuminates and Retinol Eye Gel which firms, rejuvenates and refines the look of the delicate eye area.

Special $160.00, AlumierMD.ca.

Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care Love - AlumierMD Bright Eyes - amotherworld.com


6. A Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Guidebook

Author Sahara Rose and illustrator Danielle Noel created this beautiful deck and full-colour guide to help access your yogic intuition. Meditate on a single card or select several cards for a reading and uncover sacred meanings and receive cosmic intuition from the universe.

$45 at various retailers, DK Canada.

Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care Love - Yogic Path Cards

7. Hurom Juicer

I try to make a point of getting enough Vitamin C especially through our long winters, and one way is by squeezing fresh oranges. But every juicer I’ve used has been a bit of a pain, either leaving too much juice behind, or making a mess, or not preventing seeds from being added to my juice. The new Hurom Citrus Juicer is perfect for your simpler juicing needs, whether it’s juicing large oranges for a breakfast OJ or small limes for your seltzer water. The 1-size-fits-all finned juicing cone will help you single-handedly squeeze any citrus fruit and yield the maximum amount of juice, leaving the rind completely empty.

$209 Hurom.ca.

Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care Love - Hurom Citrus Juicer - amotherworld.com


8. Scentuals Holiday Essential Oil Set

An effortless way to create a comforting atmosphere – and to ease some stress and anxiety – is to diffuse essential oils. I can’t live without my go-to scents like lavender, lemongrass and rosemary. But it’s also nice to add a few holiday scents to your stash, and scentuals has three new expertly blended essential oils to fill your home, mind and body with the aromas of the festive season and the holiday spirit. Each set includes 10mL each of Poinsettia Bouquet, Vanilla Mint, and Winter Wonderland.

$35 Scentuals.ca.

Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care Love - Scentuals Holiday Essential Oils - amotherworld.com

9. Instant Hydrating Mask

Treat your skin with the Instant Hydrating Mask by Beauté Pacifique, a Danish skincare line that just launched in Canada. This mask features moisture-retaining ingredients to hold hydration and includes Vitamin A to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

$62 Beauté Pacifique

Holiday Self-Care Gift Guide Beaute Pacifique Mask


10. Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel

Hot yoga can be a bit of a sweaty mess! A regular yoga mat won’t do, and a yoga towel doesn’t stay put. So what’s a yogi gotta do?

Try the Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel from Aurorae! As a special hot yoga mat, Synergy combines the best of both worlds all wrapped in one unique yoga mat. This unique super deluxe non-slip hot yoga mat-towel bonds our 5mm PER yoga mat with our lush, ultra-absorbent non-slip microfiber towel to create a 72” long by 24” wide mat specifically designed with hot yoga in mind. With this hot yoga mat, the more you perspire on your hands and feet, the better grip you will have on your mat.

From $59 AuroraeYoga.com.

Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care Love - Aurorae Yoga Mat - amotherworld


11. Moccasin Slippers

During the winter months especially, a good pair of cozy slippers are a must. These moccasin-style suede slippers from Denver Hayes are lined in plaid fabric for softness and warmth and have tough outsoles that will hold up well, even when you need to step outside.

$29.99 Marks.

Holiday Self-Care Gift Guide Slippers

12. OctoVie FACE Mini

The OctoVie FACE Mini skincare brush delivers an at-home spa experience with 3-in-1 beauty benefits for clean, baby soft skin that leaves you “feeling good in your skin”. Use it wet with your cleanser, or brush dry before showering. Use as a beauty tool to apply moisturizer, makeup, masks and foundations.

$16 OctoVie.

Holiday Self-Care Gift Guide OctoVie FACE Mini


13. Breville Smart Tea Infuser

Nothing is more comforting than sitting by the fire with a warm cup of tea. The Breville Smart Tea Infuser Compact knows the right temperature and steep time to bring out the best in your favourite teas. Set the timer to tell you when steeping is complete then it automatically keeps warm until you are ready to drink. Makes your perfect cup for you or your guests.

$199 Breville.Holiday Self-Care Gift Guide Breville Tea Infuser

14. Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

As the years pass, I’m convinced that I’ve inherited my mom’s love of gardening. Spending time outdoors surrounded by flowers and plants is calming and peaceful. The Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers is an updated edition of the best-selling highly illustrated garden plant reference, featuring more than 8000 plants and 4000 photographs. Find all the inspiration and help you need with this gorgeous, full-colour photographed monster book that will have undoubtedly be a permanent fixture on your coffee table.

$97 at various retailers, DK Canada.

Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care Love - Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers - amotherworld.com

For New Moms – “Oh Baby!”

Last but not least, I have to include my own book, “Oh Baby!  A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”! My book keeps the focus on moms because you can’t draw water (or breastmilk, for that matter) from an empty well. My straight-talking, no-nonsense approach will give new moms everything they need to survive as they embark on the journey of motherhood. $21.99 Available at Indigo.


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Happy Shopping and remember to be gentle to yourself and others this holiday season.