dining table setting ideas


How to Create Beautiful Table Settings

With all of the cooking, baking and entertaining, decorating your dining room table for your holiday guests tends to be the last thing on your mind. Presentation is yet another important part of having guests – it creates just the right ambience for your dinner party.

Designing the perfect dining table settings can seem a bit overwhelming but Lonny magazine has a few tips to work with the materials and space you already have to create a show-stopping dining table.

Here are some tips on how to create beautiful table settings:

1.  Choose your color theme carefully. Sometimes a burst of color arranged on a neutral background is all you need to create a lovely table setting.

2.  Use things you already have – mementos and local materials – to personalize and create your very own, unique and distinct table setting.

3.   Create a unique style statement by combining bold patterns, materials and prints. Combining patterns and materials creates eclectic setting.

4.   Build your table setting around a single standout piece. It’s essential to give show-stopping items room to breathe.

5.  Sometimes the saying is true, less really is more. Try going for a more subdued display, arrange smaller, subtle pieces on a neutral tabletop.

6.  Arrange neutral-tone items on a boldly patterned tray to create a surprising twist. Or, stick to a theme and arrange a collection of similar items together for maximal impact.

7. Grouping can produce a strong design impression so group together in six or more to create an impact.

8.  Trays, baskets and bins supply easy, functional anchors for table scapes and of course, help you stay organized!


Photos: Lonny Magazine