boy mom


I have two boys, and a husband which means I’m the only female in the house.  My life as a mom of boys – a boy mom – is one I didn’t expect, but have embraced wholeheartedly.

When my boys were little, I would hear the question, “Are you going to keep trying for a girl?”  At the time, my boys were both under 2 1/2, so the answer was a simple no. But along with that decision came the letting go of the visions of braiding a daughter’s hair, painting each other’s nails, and shopping for clothes.

I adore my boys, even though my house seethes with testosterone. Turn the channel to Animal Planet and watch two male lions interact; they battle for supremacy of their pride. They’ll roll around on the floor, and physically fight to win. Grunting is the preferred form of communication at times, and steak and potatoes the meal of choice.

My heart has unwillingly been conditioned to manage blood pressure fluctuations when dealing with wipe-outs on concrete, body-checking in hockey, and bodies flying off high playground structures. Even with a tween and teen, discussions surrounding bodily functions are still abundant, and even more creative.  Try not to laugh about who has the loudest fart or the longest burp!

I don’t have to analyze what they’re saying, or read between the lines because boys say what they mean. And while sometimes their choice of language is pepper-in-the-mouth worthy, I appreciate their frankness. While they’re too blunt when pointing out the dimples on my legs, or the grey hairs popping out of my scalp, they also praise me for being “fit for my age”, and looking great in my new body-conscious dress.

But there’s also a softer side to these boys too, of course. My boys love to cuddle, kiss and hug their mama, and curl up on the couch or crawl into my bed. They still like to play with my hair, and bury their face into my shoulder. They come to their mama to talk about their joys and fears, thoughts and emotions, their dreams and ambitions.  As we look toward the future, I know we will walk together hand in hand.

Most of all, their love is immense and intense. They’ve captured my heart and soul.

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