by Lianne Bergeron

Fifty Shades of Grey… a whole lot of xxx.

It’s all the rage in sold books, the number one Kindle bestseller of all time, and women everywhere are buying the trilogy… but why?

Here’s the thing… I “accidentally” bought the books.  By accidentally I mean, I heard that people were talking about 50 Shades and as a working mom without a lot of spare time, I thought – sounds like something good for this summer.  I didn’t ask anyone what it was about – just ordered the trilogy on amazon and had it sent to my summer vacation destination: my parents’ house.

But not before I had posted a message on Facebook, asking if anyone had the books to borrow.  I immediately got a response from one of my sisters saying that I should take the post down as I’d probably given my other sister a hernia just by writing it. Still – no clue. Didn’t think twice, just thought the comment was funny.

This summer I arrive at my parents with kids in tow looking forward to reading and relaxing by the pool.  My sister arrives and tells me what a shit book it is and that she only bought it because I’d posted about it on Facebook. Oh.

So I start getting nervous and think – maybe I need to return these books, maybe they aren’t for me. But I didn’t. Instead, I packed two of the three books for our trip to Maine.

To cut to the chase:  I read all three and my husband was completely happy and let’s just say “satisfied” with the fact that I was reading them.

But I kept thinking – why are these a big seller?  I know that book experts worldwide have analyzed this – I haven’t read any of their thoughts – these are mine.

The author throws in all of the elements of a good romance and then some.  A little over the top but just close enough to the edge that you can accept it.

The very hot, rich, powerful and not so nice main character is someone that I would secretly want to meet, date, …

The woman initially seems like a victim but isn’t. In fact she’s a pretty strong woman who manages to dig in and change the guy.  Now if that’s not every woman’s fantasy…

 Sex. Very descriptive sex scenes. Very.  Over the top for sure but still something that, yes even I, in some ways, have dreamt about.

A bit of a story line with a bit of intrigue, a bit of who done it mystery cliffhanger to the next book (a bit) – but enough to make me want to read the next one.  Does that make sense?  Trying not to give anything away…

Character development: they both change for the better.

Very descriptive sex scenes. Oh, did I already write that? Well there you go.  And a lot of them.  Maybe even too many. Imagine…

What it’s not:  It’s not very well written, it’s too long and there really is too much sex.

But all in all, a perfect, no brainer, add a little spice to the bedroom, don’t show your parents (or your kids), summer time read.

Who has read it and what did you think?


Lianne Bergeron is an author and entrepreneur who lives and works near Amsterdam with her Dutch husband and four kids. She’ll share her life abroad without family support, kids that speak Denglish and traditions that aren’t hers. Life with four kids and 10 bikes and her on-going quest to balance it all on her bicycle built for six.  Follow her on Twitter and read more about her books at



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