If you are in your 30s, you may have the worst sex life.

Apparently, men and women in their 30s are more dissatisfied with their sex life than any other age group.


Take a wild guess… kids!  The financial worries and the stress of caring for children is the cause for a lack of action in bedroom, a new study says.

The Sex Census 2012 reveals that 25 per cent of those aged 30 to 39 are unhappy with their sex lives because of the demands of modern life and financial stresses.  The study involved almost 25,000 respondents.

Of those in their 30s, 35 per cent said caring for babies and young children was having a negative impact on their sexual relationships because they were just too tired.  Other reasons cited include depression and low body confidence.

Well, don’t despair!  The best sex happens later in life anyway.  According to the study, as respondents got older their satisfaction levels increased.

When does thte best sex happen?

In your 50s apparently!  And sexual confidence peaks between the ages of 60 and 69.


Do you agree with the results of this study?





Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. I can tell you that you have even less sex when there’s teenagers roaming the house at all hours. That’s why the action is in your 50s. When you’ve got the kitchen counter to yourself again.

  2. I thought I was in this same scenario until I decided to work out. I discovered the wall sit. (It’s SO not a combination of working out and the wall sit)

    The wall sit puts a person through extraordinary hell while doing in position. You will hate the wall sit! However, when you rise from the wall sit, there’s that unfamiliar 20-year-old tingle that makes you say, wow, I thought that feeling was gone forever!

    No doubt, the wall sit has stimulated the sex life of our youth again.

  3. I think its all about creativity lol. I see how kids, work and a busy life could complicate things for sure with 3 kids and a transatlanic life style we’ve had to get creative. That may mean I get an hour less sleep but knowing that I have that connection with my husband is so worth it. We are 32 but we’ve been together since we were 14 so we’ve been through a lot gogether and honestly its just about being on the same page and keeping it interesting. That may mean a quicky while the kids are napping or getting up at 4AM but its workable and keeps things happy in so many ways.

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