Forget the chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Am I right?! Need some tips to heat things up for Valentine’s Day?

Don’t bother with the lousy service at an expensive restaurant. Put the kids to bed early – better yet, drop them off at your parents or in-laws – and create some sizzle and spice with your partner under the sheets.

It’s the season of love and although you may lavish your loved one all year round, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to kick it up a notch and heat things up in the bedroom.

How to Heat Things up for Valentine’s Day

Wear new lingerie

First thing, take a trip to Victoria’s Secret or La Vie en Rose and pick out a new piece of lingerie for your romantic evening. Better yet, have him go instead and pick something out for you.

Create the mood

Light the room with candles, put on some romantic music and have champagne and strawberries ready for your special night in.

Give your partner a massage

A sensual massage can help your partner relax and get in the mood… Massage can help with anxiety, sleep and muscle pain but also releases endorphins which are sure to turn up the heat in the bedroom. If you’re the one massaging, focus on the moments and let your hands do the work naturally. Try scented body oil to heighten the experience. If you’re the lucky receiver, stay present and enjoy the sensation.

How to Heat Things up this Valentine's Day

Focus on Foreplay

Don’t rush to get to the main event. Foreplay is an integral component leading up to sexual intercourse. Research suggests that men and women prefer 18 minutes of foreplay before getting to the deed. Especially on Valentine’s Day, make it your mantra to focus on foreplay before the “main” event.

Get adventurous with a new lubricant

Lubricants help to enhance the sensations between both you and your partner. Trojan™ has a wide variety of lubricants, like Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant which takes foreplay to new heights and intensifies during intercourse. Arouses & Releases™ Lubricant  has a motion-activated intensifier!

Add a new toy

Women who use vibrators tend to have an easier time having an orgasm, higher desire and higher levels of arousal. So if you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to introduce a new toy to your sex life. The Trojan™ Multi-Thrill™ 3 in 1 Vibrating Bullet to spark pleasure with three different textures and an easy to grip handle. For spot-on pleasure, the Trojan™ Hot Spot™ Vibrating Ring will heighten sensations for both you and your partner

So #forgetchocolate and give your partner an experiential gift they’ll remember.


Disclosure: I’m a Church & Dwight ambassador and receive perks for my affiliation. All opinions and views are, as always, my own.


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.

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