by Rodney Southern

Best friends get to be best friends a million different ways. Talk to any set of besties later in life, however, and they will tell you the same reasons they are still together.

We can learn a great deal from best friends that stay close for decades and even lifetimes. Those are the kinds of friendships that we want in our lives, right? The kind that last forever?

Here are seven recurring qualities that keep besties together for the long haul.

 7 Reasons Why Best Friends Remain Best Friends

1. Best Friends Support Each Other

A best friend that doesn’t have your back is not going to be your best friend for long. The bottom line is that you support one another through the good and the bad. You might not always agree, but you always support them.

2. Best Friends Know When to Be Quiet

Listening is a lost art for many people and it is a shame. One of the most powerful things we can do as a best friend is close our mouths and open our ears. Knowing when the other person needs to be heard is a skill and is required for lifetime besties.

3. Best Friends Spend Plenty of Time

You really could insert a million things on the end of this quality. The bottom line is that they spend time together on the things that matter.

4. Best Friends Don’t Have to Explain

When one bestie screws up, the other needs no explanation. True best friends understand that mistakes are going to happen and that we sometimes are forced to do things we don’t want. Explanations are optional when we are dealing with our closest friends.

7 Reasons Why Best Friends Remain Best Friends

5. Flaws Are Expected and Accepted

True best friends know that their bestie is flawed. Not only do they accept these flaws, they support each other despite them. It is easy to be best friends when the person is at their best. True besties are friends at their worst.

6. Best Friends Are Made a Priority

If you don’t value your relationship enough to put it high on the priority list, chances are it won’t last. This doesn’t mean you have to put it in front of God, your kids or marriage, but it should be in the running. Best friends are family after all.

7. Best Friends Both Lost the Gossip Gene

This is one that seems to stand out among the longest lasting friendships. True friends never gossip about one another. When you gossip about the other person, you are basically abusing your rights as a friend. Trust is lost and you will quickly be put on the outside of that circle. If you really want to be known as a great friend, you need to set aside the need to talk about others.


contributorRodney Southern is a lifetime writer and family man that lives in Greensboro, NC with his beautiful wife Julie, and twin daughters Brooke and Valerie. He spends most of his time writing about sports, spirituality and family living.


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