When was the last time you went out on a date with your special loved one? Watching a movie together after the kids have gone to bed is a common and easy “date night” — if you manage to stay awake. There have been many times that my husband and I intend to have a movie night but one of us (or both) end up catching flies! I’m talking about hiring a babysitter, dressing up, and going out somewhere for romance and/or fun?

Dates don’t happen often for many parents, if ever. Who has the energy (let alone the time) to go out with your significant other? A parent’s busy and active lifestyle likely puts romantic date nights at the bottom of the priority list. Often, it is not even on the list. Dating is simply overlooked because of all of the other obligations and responsibilities that come with work, home life, parenting, kids’ extra-curricular activities, etc.

But that can be easily remedied! By putting a little bit of planning and carving out some free time, you and your loved one can enjoy a date once in a while. You must schedule dates or date nights when you’re married with children, just as you would schedule any other appointment or meeting. Dates are crucial to maintaining a strong relationship because quality couple time is just what you need for a healthy marriage.

Dates or date nights help to rekindle the romance that is often put on the back burner when you’re tending to the day-to-day bustle. If it’s been longer than two months since your last couple’s outing, then you need to change that immediately. Book a babysitter or get your mother-in-law to come over to watch the kids and go out as a couple. You both deserve a little fun!

Here are 5 date ideas for you and your special loved one:

5 Date Ideas For You And Your Special Loved One

Get Your Body Moving.

Skip the routine dinner and a movie, and do something different and fun. Go bowling or skating on a weekend afternoon. Find a roller-skating rink and remember what it was like to moonlight in seventh grade. If you have only a couple of hours during the weekend to get out without the kids, hop on some bicycles and go outside for a ride together. Or throw on your running shoes and go for a long walk and finish off with a coffee at your local shop. Keep it simple and close to home so you don’t have to worry about being away from the kids too long.

Grab a book.

If you’re not the type to get active on a date (I don’t mean that kind of active – that’s later!), grab your loved one and head to the bookstore. Pick up a couple of lattes and some biscotti, find a corner in the romance section, and read each other some poetry. Find a steamy romance novel or Kama Sutra book and take it home with you to read together in bed.

Have a picnic.

Can’t get out during the evening? No problem! Plan a romantic afternoon picnic at your favourite outdoor park, even if it’s the one by your house. Lay out a blanket, feed your partner some cheese and grapes, and share a bottle of wine. Wintertime? No problem! Bring the picnic indoors in the middle of your living room floor. Don’t forget to turn on the fireplace and play some soft, sensual music . . .  as long as it’s not Michael Bolton. Please!

Share an experience.

Married couples don’t need to worry about looking cheap. Hey, having kids is expensive! Search the internet for group-buying coupon companies that offer great deals on entertainment experiences. You can find yourself saving up to half price on museums, wine tastings, restaurants, and even massages or pedicures—now that’s a date!

Get a hotel room.

Ahh, the days when you couldn’t get your hands off each other, and your friends would shout, “Get a room!” Remind yourselves of the days pre-kids when you could fully enjoy each other without any interruptions, and not in the back seat of your car! Book a hotel room, order room service and a bottle of champagne, and enjoy every moment of intimacy – even if you can’t spend the whole night.


You don’t need much time or have to spend a lot of money to reconnect with your partner. Even just a couple of hours alone with your loved one can do wonders for your relationship.


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Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of amotherworld.com, a leading lifestyle blog for women.

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