How do you add a little joy to your day?

My kids like to start off theirs with a little Nutella on their waffles or toast. It’s a very European thing to do! A nice spread of the hazelnut goodness on a slice of Parisian toast… yum. One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds throughout the world – isn’t that an amazing statistic?

What better way to add a little joy to your breakfast than with pancakes with Nutella! Since I’m gluten free, this gluten free pancake recipe is delicious – you won’t even notice that they are gluten free. Swap out the gluten free flour with regular flour if desired.

To kick off Nutella’s Truck Tour starting June 27, 2015, I’m sharing my gluten free pancakes with Nutella recipe, and a chance to win a personalized Nutella jar, along with details of the summer tour (see below).

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella

1 1/3 cup gluten free flour – you can substitute with regular flour

1 tablespoon coconut palm sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 egg

1 cup milk

1 tablespoon butter, melted

½ teaspoon vanilla

Pinch salt

Nutella to top

Fresh strawberries


In a large bowl, stir together flour, sugar, salt and baking powder.

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella

Make a hole in the centre, a ‘well’, and add the egg, melted butter, and vanilla. Stir together.

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella

Pour in the milk and mix until batter is smooth.

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella

In a griddle or frying pan, melt butter on medium to high heat. With a large spoon, pour batter into rounds. Flip when pancake is bubbling.

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella

Remove from heat and transfer onto plate. Spread Nutella on top, and garnish with cut strawberries. Add bananas, or other fruit on top as well.

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella

The Nutella Truck Tour

The Nutella Truck Tour is going to be adding a little joy to the mornings of Canadians by sharing fresh samples of waffles and fruit skewers with Nutella at major events across the country! The tour runs from June 27 to August 12, 2015 and will visit Toronto, Quebec City, Edmonton, and the Montreal Area.

Details can be found online at or on Nutella’s Facebook page. The Nutella Truck Tour will also feature Chef Stefano Faita who has specially crafted five new Nutella breakfast recipes.

Toronto: June 27 – July 2 at the Toronto Zoo

Quebec City: July 10 – 12 at the Festival D’ete

Edmonton: July 23 – 26 at K-Days

Montreal: August 8 – 12 at Balloon Canada

Try fresh samples, pick up a coupon and get your own personalized Nutella label! You’ll also be able to participate in some fun games with instant prizing. Of course, all activities will be kid-friendly, including a fun personalized photo experience.

Enter to Win

I’m giving away four personalized Nutella jars to four lucky readers! To enter this giveaway, use the Rafflecopter below. Open to Canadians only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella


Good luck!

Gluten Free Pancakes with Nutella


Maria Lianos-Carbone is the author of “Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year”, and publisher of, a leading lifestyle blog for women.


  1. I love Nutella and apples, and bananas, and animal crackers, and grapes, and… well mostly everything 🙂

  2. I would totally dig in to those pancakes. I love nutella and it would be great to try gluten free pancakes!

  3. I haven’t had gluten free pancakes that didn’t include bananas so this recipe is awesome! Plus I love nutella! I am going to be having a delicious breakfast this weekend!

  4. I’ve had Nutella filled crepes before, but I’ve never had it with pancakes. Looks so good! I’ll have to try this soon. Cool about the truck tour, too.

  5. Yum. I wouldn’t ever think to use nutella with pancakes. My kids LOVE pancakes, and nutella so its not only genius but it would make me mom of the year with them 🙂

  6. Nutella on pancakes?? What a great idea!! I am currently hooked on cookie butter but I bet it would be great on pancakes as well!! Great post!

  7. nicolthepickle Reply

    I can’t get to your post where you say to share a recipe. It says post not found, but I shared on your page. I hope that’s okay.

  8. Nutella makes everything better!!! This is my kind of recipe…I eat only gluten-free and I’m a huge fan of palm sugar. I usually swap the butter for extra virgin coconut oil 😉

  9. Krystal's Kitsch Reply

    Nutella is the best. It is awesome for breakfast, snacks, and desserts. I need to cook with it more.

  10. My daughter is a nutella nut. She likes to try anything that has it in the recipe.

  11. Oh my! Now I am super hungry. We love pancakes and Nutella, but we have never tried that. Thanks for the idea. Can’t wait to try it!

  12. Wendy hutton Reply

    CROISSANT FRENCH TOAST looks amazing and would love to try it

  13. My son likes nutella, but I don’t. I made him nutella pancakes for him before. The recipe wasn’t too much different though it wasn’t gluten free.. lol

  14. I love Nutella. I could eat the whole jar. Those pancakes would not make it to the table in this house. 🙂

  15. Nate Fuller Reply

    I mostly just put it on toast but I would like to have it on waffles!

  16. I like to keep things simple … the NUTELLA CROISSANT FRENCH TOAST sounds soooo good!

  17. I slather it on pancakes — my nieces think I am “da bomb” when they sleep over and they get this treat in the morning!

  18. love croissants so the NUTELLA Croissant French Toast looks so good, love to try that!

  19. Rhonda W G. Reply

    I make nutella cookies that are so good they should be illegal!

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